Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bare Minerals READY Bronzer

I have been talking about my search for a second bronzer formula for the past few weeks and I can finally write that I have found a second bronzer formula for the summer!  I have been looking critically at every formula that was in the summer collections, regardless of pricing, brand, or availability.  I kept coming back to some of the MAC collections but since I am already using a great bronzer from this company and I wanted to find a different type of formula from another company.  I was even considering trying a cream bronzer but I still don't feel comfortable working with this type of product and I cannot find many reviews on these products. 

I finally went into Sephora and found one of my favorite Sales Associates there and asked her point blank for what she thought was the best formula powder bronzer in the store.  I did not want the best selling or what the company considers to be the highest rated, I wanted her favorite to use and one that she has sold and recommended to customers.  She lead me in the direction of Bare Minerals READY Bronzer, a brand that I wasn't expecting and one that I don't use very much from.  She put a bit on my face and I was sold on buying the formula and giving it a try at home. 

The Bare Minerals READY Bronzer is a matte powder formula that also contains anti-aging benefits for the skin.  "A bronzer with antiaging benefits.  BareMinerals Ready™ Bronzer buffs on rich golden bronze color for a beautifully even, buildable glow. Powered by bareMinerals’ proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral™ Complex with antioxidants and cold-pressed carrot oil, this silky long-wearing formula delivers incredible antiaging benefits. Color lasts for up to eight hours."

This formula is available in three shades...

- The Skinny Dip - light tan
- The High Dive - tan
- The Deep End - dark tan

I purchased the lightest shade of this formula, it is great for ladies that have normally fair skin and add a bit of color in the summer months, it looks very natural with my fake tan and I am quite fond of this shade.  The formula is very easy to use and wear, I use it on my cheeks, chin, and forehead with a huge, fluffy bronzer brush.  This formula goes on sheer and leaves a natural hint of color, there is nothing "fake" or "orange" about this formula, it doesn't oxidize in the sun and doesn't look fake even after eight or more hours of wear. 

This company also makes a loose powder bronzer which I have heard is actually among one of their hardest products to use and look natural but this pressed powder bronzer is a great choice.  I am so glad that the matte powder bronzers are stating to become much easier to find, I dislike wearing that much shimmer on my face during the day.  This is great choice for a natural looking bronzer and will on rotation with my favorite formula from MAC all summer.  The search for a second bronzer to rotate with is over!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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