Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stila Lip Glaze

Today we are going to look at a product that will make many of you laugh that I have not used it before.  I'm not kidding...I have used several products from Stila before (eye shadows and tinted moisturizer are among my favorites from them) and have given many of their sets as gifts.  Even though I have given many of my friends the big Lip Glaze gift sets that they make around the holiday season, I have somehow never bought one for myself and resisted the urge to try any of them.  I have heard very mixed reviews on these lip glosses, people either love or hate them but almost everyone agrees that there isn't enough product in the tube and they burn through them very quickly.

My lip gloss addiction runs very much to MAC and NARS, I am not often in the market to try new lip gloss formulas since I have such a large collection of my beloved Lipglasses.  I happened upon the Stila Lip Glaze formula when my brother gave me a few of these glosses for my birthday last month.  I was hooked on this formula after using one of the shades a few times however I completely agree that I can almost see the product getting used up in the tube each time that I release more gloss.  I didn't need another lip gloss obsession but now I have one...

The Sephora website contains all of the shades of this product and will often have exclusive gifts containing many shades of these glosses for the holidays.  " An ultra high-shine lip gloss in a nifty click pen.  Stila's ever-popular lip glaze is back in action with larger pens (twice the size of the original) guaranteed to keep your lips glossier, longer. The gloss gives lips a punch of color and adds a delicious scent. Whatever sweet flavor you are in the mood for, it is sure to be found in this collection of classic shades."

My favorite aspects of this lip gloss is the formula.  I love that the formula is on the thicker side (more like NARS) and therefore will last for several hours after initial application.  It is one of the better wearing glosses that I have used, I will still have it on after eating or drinking and do not have to reapply as much as I do with Lipglasses.  This is a sticky formula gloss and will not appeal to anyone that does not like that feeling on her lips, I have had to pull my hair out of my lip gloss several times already when wearing one of these shades and I will admit that this can get annoying when it is a windy day and my hair is all over the place.  This lip gloss formula has a time and place (or certain hairstyle). 

The pen style applicator still slightly puts me off this product, as I said earlier I can see the product advancing up and agree with most people that there isn't enough product in these tubes.  I will give Stila a lot of credit for making the tubes larger and giving us more product without much of a price bump.  The sets that contain the small tubes are the best choice for trying out colors and then I would recommend buying the best ones in the large size.  I am looking forward to the holidays so that I can order myself a big set of these and trying out a whole range of shades!

The color list is pretty extensive and we will look at right now...

- Brown Sugar - shimmering golden nude
- Vanilla - pearly nude gloss
- Apricot - melon nectarine
- Banana - shimmering gold
- Kitten - nude pink shimmer
- Kaleidoscope - glimmering pale pink
- Grapefruit - frosted pink
- Passion Fruit - shimmering bright pink
- Watermelon - clear pink
- Guava - sheer rosy mauve
- Raspberry - high gloss fuchsia
- Tangerine - shimmering peachy melon
- Starfruit - shimmering coral
- Fruit Punch - creamy red
- Strawberry - deep red
- Cranberry - sheer brick red
- Black Cherry - sheer deep purple
- Sugar Plum - sheer nude plum
- Blackberry - purple wine
- Roseberry - glimmering nude plum
- Berry - pearly mauve gloss
- Mocha - sheer plum brown

I was given Brown Sugar and Kitten, two neutral hues that look great with any eye makeup look that I pair them with.  I have used Brown Sugar more than I thought that I would, this is the shade that is pictured and looks really deep in the tube but becomes the perfect sheer nude on the lips.  I love this shade and this is my favorite of the two.  Kitten is a lighter version that has a bit more pink in it, they look very similar on the lip and both shades are very easy to wear.  I also want to buy the following shades: Vanilla, Kaleidoscope, Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Sugar Plum, and Berry.  The last three shades I will put off buying until fall since they are deeper hues that will work very well with the fall trends that we have looked at in a previous post.

I didn't need a new lip gloss love but I found it and will have more lip glosses to collect and add to my already huge lip gloss collection.  This is a formula that is best suited for ladies that like a longer wearing lip gloss formula and don't mind it being a bit stickier than many other formulas.  The shades that I have tried are sheer and could work very well in any type of circumstance or with almost any look.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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