Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fall 2013 Trend Preview

It may only be the beginning of summer to most people but the fall makeup collections are on the way very quickly and we are going to look at the Fall Trend Report from the May issue of Allure today.  I am not quite sure when the first collections are going to come out so I want to be ready to go as soon as they start to launch.  In previous years, Too Faced has been the first collection to come out and they normally release their collection at the end of June.  So I guess that fall collections will begin in two weeks or less...

I have been turning to Allure for the Fall Trend Preview for quite a few years now and it has been instrumental in helping me plan out my fall shopping list and in helping me decide what products in my current collection that I will be able to keep using in the fall and winter months.  Last year, I was all about the bright pink and red lipstick looks and deep bronze eye makeup that was all over the runways and I am excited to see what looks I will be playing with this fall.

Here is the Allure Fall Trend Report!

Painterly Makeup - "There are the trendy, fleeting, capricious looks of the fashion shows.  And then - very seldom -  there are the looks that make us feel like we're back in an art-history seminar.  The soft Botticelli curls.  The painted-on red lips.  Even the knowing arch of an eyebrow.  If we can't look like the models at the Bottega Veneta show, we just want to gaze at them."

Wide Headbands - "You probably already own the only hair accessory you need this season.  Hairstylists relied on wide black headbands to give elegant updos a more relaxed attitude (Nina Ricci, Balenciaga) and dress up simple braids (Valentino)."

Pop Art - "With strokes of silver shadow and stained pink lips, there was something ethereal and pretty about the makeup at Dior.  In a case of art imitating art, McGrath looked to the Any Warhol drawings that decorated some of the dresses in the collection.  'Using pale pastel colors and just filling in small areas, we're almost making the girls' face into those illustrations,' she said."

Eyes That Twinkle - "At Chanel, makeup artist Peter Philips glued confetti-size pieces of glitter onto the lids and lashes so when models walked down the runway, it looked like they had little disco balls taped to their eyes.  To do it at home - without endangering your retinas - sweep clear mascara over your lashes, then dust silver glitter shadow from the crease all the way to the tips of your lashes."

Berry Red - "It's a shame that berry red lipstick isn't a commodity traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  The blue-based red was skyrocketing on the runway this season.  Gucci Westman used it at Oscar de la Renta, Pecheux used it at Anthony Vaccarello and Derek Lam, and McGarth whipped it out so much that we wondered if she'd left her other lipsticks at home.  Not only does the feminine hue feel totally fall appropriate, but there are also tons of way to wear it."

Double Vision - "Put away your blending brush.  At Michael Kors, two shades stayed distinct in the color-blocked cat eyes.  Makeup artist Dick Page started with cream shadows - black from the middle of the lids past the outer corners; iridescent lilac on the inner half of the lids - then topped them with matching powders for more oomph.  Apply the shadows with two different brushes.  'That way you won't muddy the colors,' said Page."

Glam-Rock Eyes - "At Gucci, we found the makeup look you'll wear every evening this fall.  McGrath choose a rich shade of metallic cranberry that she smudged all over the eyes.  And trust when we say it was completely and totally hot."

Faux Fringe - "A thick, jagged layer of eye-skimming bangs is sexy and cool and all the other adjectives we usually ascribe to Jane Birkin.  Granted, at the Emilio Pucci show, none of these bangs were real.  To create the most believable version of clip-on fringe, Murenn broke out tinted mousse (Roux Fanci-Full Colot Styling Mousse) to add a bit of colour and texture to the hair - and blend everything together."

Doddle Art - "Nail art has evolved to nail doodling.  The graffiti-inspired designs at Creatures of the Wind can be duplicated with fine-tipped Sharpies.  Once your polish dries, use the markers to draw squiggly lines on half the nail in whatever colors your procrastinating-teenager self desires."

I put up a picture from the upcoming Chanel fall collection, one of my favorite lines for every season but they always tend to outdo themselves every fall.  I am pretty excited for this fall and I think that my early favorite look with be the Deep Berry Lips look.  This is an extension of the red lipstick that I love wearing every fall and this will allow me a new range of colors to choose from when getting dressed up.  I am interested in the Glam-Rock Eyes too, I have never used a cranberry colored shadow but I loved the picture that went with this look and I want to buy at least one eye shadow in the shade and try it out.  The same goes for Double Vision, I want to see if I can re-create the look pictured in Allure and then I want to try it out with other shades of eye shadows.

The look that was pictured for Painterly Makeup would be a classic look that I want to learn to create because it will be a look that I can wear in fall and then in many more seasons to come, it is the most classic look in this Trend Report.  The last trend that I want to try is the Faux Fringe...but I think I want mine to be real.  Now its time to wait for the fall collections to come out and see what I want to pick up for the season!

photo courtesy of Chanel

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