Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries - Sargasso

Today we are going back to one of the products that was included in my June Glossybox.  We have already looked at the SpaRitual Nail Lacquer and today we are switching courses to look at one of the perfume samples that was sent in my box.  The June box celebrates all beauty product brands and designers that are from the United States and looks at how each one represents the concept of American Beauty.  One of the most influential fashion houses for the past few decades is the House of Oscar de la Renta and he has created six new fragrances for his loyal fans.  Samples of each of the six scents were included with this Glossybox and I am currently working my way through putting each one of them to the test.

With my Glossybox was a small magazine that provided me with a start when deciding what fragrance to use first.  I wanted to find a fragrance that was light and pretty for the summer months so I could start with something very appropriate to the season.  I chose Sargasso to start my education around the Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries fragrance collection.

The Glossybox magazine gives a nice description of the fragrance and we are also going to look at the official fragrance description from the Saks Fifth Avenue website.  "A crisp, green, invigorating accord is the essence of 'sea spray' in a splashy Eau de Colonge.  Fresh citrus notes, watery cucumber, and an unexpected revitalizing greenness combine with warm sunshine and patchouli for a lasting serene finish.".  The Saks Fifth Avenue website provides the exact same description of Sargasso and this is the exclusive retailer of this fragrance and the rest of the scents in the collection. 

Sargasso could very easily be unisex, this is a green fragrance with hints of fresh sea air notes mixed in with it.  It is a very unique fragrance, I do not own anything like it at all and I am thinking of buying the full size version of this fragrance to fill a hole in my perfume collection.  Sargasso is a very nice "summer weekend" fragrance, this fragrance would fit perfectly with farmer's markets, boating, and casual outside lunches.  I would not see this fragrance working well in a professional environment, it doesn't fit with a suit and heels.

I am very fond of Sargasso but I wish that it had more lasting power.  I get a great hit of the 'sea spray' when I first apply this fragrance and then this stays with me for the next two or three hours of wear.  I place this fragrance in the Green category, there is nothing floral or warm about Sargasso.  I own less Green fragrances than any other kind so this was a refreshing break for me.  I never got much of the patchouli note, this fragrance doesn't have much of a base to it and this base note never comes out for me.  Sargasso is very light and only lasts about two to three hours on my skin, it goes from the 'sea spray' to nothing when I wear it.  I would like for this scent to last longer, I have to reapply throughout the day to keep it fresh.

Sargasso is my first from the Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries fragrance collection and I will be trying the next ones out very soon.  This is a contender for my early favorite of this line because it is very unique and I love Green fragrances and this one smells like a day in a small village near the ocean.  This would the ideal fragrance to take the Hamptons for a weekend getaway.

photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

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