Monday, June 3, 2013

Philosophy Here Comes the Bride Gift Set

We are now in the beginning of June and this is the month that contains the highest amount of weddings for the whole year.  There is no wedding or engagement on my horizon right now but the same can be said of many of my close friends and extended family members, I have looked at more Gift Registries over the past few weeks than ever before and am shopping for dresses that I can wear to more than one summer afternoon wedding.  I am the worst person at buying practical gifts for my friends who are tying the knot and almost always throw something fun and just for the bride into the gift.  In previous seasons, I have found little gift sets at Sephora for my friends and I am hoping that this year is exactly the same, I have had so many of my bride friends love the little extra gift that they received and I want to continue this trend for as long as I can.

Philosophy has been a source of bridal gifts in the past and I am happy to see that they will not disappoint me this year.  This company has released a brand new gift set this year just in time for the wedding season, Here Comes The Bride will be going right into my Sephora shopping cart and I am now deciding how many of them I will want to order this wedding season.  In previous years, the gift sets for brides from this company have been so good that I have been tempted to order one for myself.  I loved the one that contained the champagne scented products from a previous year, this was the best set that Philosophy made and I haven't seen one as good yet.

This year the set is named Here Comes The Bride and is a combination of fragrance and skin care products (in sizes that will fit perfectly in a carry on for the honeymoon!) and contains two of their best selling skin care items and small products in the Amazing Grace fragrance. 

"A lovely gift set for the beautiful bride-to-be.  Here Comes The Bride features Philosophy’s bestselling skincare and fragrance, so she can walk down the aisle with a stunning, radiant complexion while feeling amazingly clean and beautifully feminine. The highly-effective one-step facial cleanser rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores, while the cult-favorite moisturizer gently hydrates, exfoliates, and protects the skin. The three-in-one gel and luxurious body lotion are infused with the beloved Amazing Grace fragrance—a uniquely feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms accented by a hint of light musk. Together, this collection will have the bride-to-be fully ready for the celebration of her life.", states the Sephora website.

This set contains: 2 oz Purity Made Simple, 1 oz Hope in a Jar, 2 oz Amazing Grace Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel, and 2 oz Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion

Purity Made Simple - A highly effective one-step facial cleanser.  Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a pH-balanced formula that rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores. The bestselling cleanser contains infusions of sage, chamomile, and carrot.  Purity Made Simple is part of a collection of Philosophy products designed to soothe even the most dry and sensitive skin. It is a "Best of Sephora" Winner 2008.

Hope in a Jar - A cult-favorite moisturizer that gently hydrates, exfoliates, and protects the skin.  Philosophy Hope in a Jar is a 99.9% oil-free, deeply hydrating, lightweight wonder designed to smooth the complexion while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration. Originally created for the medical market, this expert essential delivers soft, healthy, glowing results.  This beloved formula contains antioxidants that protect skin against environmental damage and provides continuous exfoliation to keep roughness at bay. An infusion of yeast-derived beta glucan supports the skin's natural defense system and improves repair capabilities.

Amazing Grace Shampoo, Bath, and Shower Gel - A 3-in-1 gel infused with the beloved Amazing Grace fragrance.  Philosophy expanded its Amazing Grace line to include this product that's a bath, shampoo, and shower gel all-in-one. This gel is a lovely way to wear Grace, either by itself for a subtle scent or layered for longer wear.  Amazing Grace fragrance for women is a uniquely feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms accented by a hint of light musk.

Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion - Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion is a toning body moisturizer that helps to purify, moisturize, and revitalize dry, aged, or wrinkled skin with a unique blend of antioxidants and vitamins E and C. Chock full of luscious moisturizing properties including shea butter, macadamia nut, and olive oils.  Indulge yourself - and those you are most thankful for - with good-for-your-body-and-soul treats from Philosophy's Amazing Grace Collection.

I think this might be my new favorite of the wedding gift sets, the combination of products inside is great and the sizes are perfect for a honeymoon adventure.  Both of the skincare products are among the best that I have ever used and I have never met any lady who does not like the Amazing Grace fragrance so I think that this gift set is pretty safe for anyone who is getting married this season!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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