Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Figs and Rouge Tinted Lip Balm Tubes

One of my favorite treats to reward myself for good grades is to splurge on issues of UK Cosmo and UK Vogue, I have to find them at Barnes and Noble and the extra cost of them fully qualifies as a special treat for good grades.  I have spent more time and energy on school in the past semester than every before and I feel that this will qualify me for quite a few issues to relax with this summer.  The one big drawback for me with buying magazines from the UK (other than not fully understanding the pound versus dollar calculation at any given time) is that I find designers and beauty product lines that I really want to try but are not available in the United States.  The only way for me to remedy this situation...order overseas and be very, very picky with the items that I absolutely must try (at least the ones that 100% cannot find in the United States).  One of the items that I could not get out of my head was the lip products in the Figs and Rouge lip product line and after thinking about it for months, I decided to reward myself and order the products from the United Kingdom (and hope some British flair came with them!)

Figs and Rouge is a lip product only line that I had never heard of until reading British fashion magazines and one that I wish was much more widely available than it is.  It is a skin and lip product line that prides itself on only making products that are 100% organic and natural and are used to boost the natural beauty of the wearer.  If you are going to wear organic makeup, the one item that you most want to wear is lip products because the average woman consumes about seven to eight pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.  Organic and natural products won't hurt you when you accidentally chew or lick it off your lips and is the one item that every women should consider trying an organic formula.

"Hydrating colour lip tint.  Delicious moisture protection.", is the item description from the company's website.  This is a very creamy formula lip balm with a slight tint of color, this formula is great for lazy days or wearing against dramatic eye makeup.  The formula is extra soft and hydrating and makes my lips feel 100% better after one application.  This formula could last much longer but then it would not be as hydrating as it is, it will come off very quickly after eating or drinking and I have found that I must carry the tube around with me on the days that I choose to use it.

This product is available in four very sheer shades, I have the Cherry Blossom shade and I am considering what others I would like to order on my next round.

- Cocoa Rose - blush pink
- Cherry Blossom - soft cherry
- Mocha Orange - nude shimmer
- French Vanilla - clear

The Cherry Blossom shade is the sheerest of red, it gives the "just ate a Popsicle" look and it is the perfect gateway for any woman who thinks that she cannot wear red.  Trust me, anyone can easily wear this shade and feel pretty and confident in it!  The only other shade that I want to try is the Cocoa Rose shade, this will be a pretty rose that will work with every single piece of eye makeup that I own.  With how sheer of a formula this is, I can skip over the nudes and clears because they will just appear on the lip as a clear balm.  I prefer to have a bit of pretty tint and am very happy with this company's products so far.  I will have to keep ordering from this line and see what else they carry!

photo courtesy of Figs and Rouge

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