Friday, June 28, 2013

Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Face Oil

I have been using the Korres Milk Cleansing Face Wash for the past few months now and really thought that I had changed my preference to cream face cleansers over any other kind.  Normally, I was a foam and gel face wash person but I have used quite a few quality cream formulas over the years and never really declared my preference until I worked with the Korres formula.  I now might have to turn all of my thoughts on their heads after Sephora sent me a huge sample of the brand new Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Face Oil and now I have ordered a large sized bottle for when I run out of my Korres formula.

I wasn't shopping for a new face wash when I read my email with the offer from Sephora but since I was going to order soon anyway, I decided to order right away and add the huge free sample into my shopping cart.  I was glad that I acted right away because this was completely out of stock within a few hours of my receiving the email.  I haven't used many oil face washes over the years, just one from Nude which I liked but never repurchased.  For many years, face oils were only available from Asian brands and the most famous was the formula from Shu Uemura but many varied brands have released their versions of the oil formula over the past two years and I think that I will spend some more time trying them out. 

The new product from Dior is their first oil face wash and the first skincare product that I have used from this company.  As of right now, this product is exclusive to Sephora but I am not sure how long that will be the case. 

"A gentle cleansing oil for the face and eye area.  Suitable for all skin types, this cleansing oil preserves the skin’s natural hydration for outstanding cleansing results. Even though it’s an oil, it leaves no greasy residue. Formulated with Pure Lily Extract, which is present in Dior’s Instant Cleansing Water, it helps inhibit skin inflammation, leaving the skin looking soft and supple."

This oil is best used on wet skin, about a quarter-sized drop was needed for me to get a full lather in my hand and have enough to cover my entire face.  Face oils are considered to be the best kind of face washes to remove layers of makeup and I tested this theory.  I used this product and then dried my face off and used the Clinique face toner to see much excess makeup residue was left over.  There was a very small amount of product on the cotton ball, much less than when I use some formula cream cleansers.  This product performs very well in the cleansing and makeup removal aspect, I refuse to not use a separate eye makeup remover so I cannot comment about how it performs to remove any type of eye makeup.

The oil face wash combines through cleansing with hydration of the skin, this cleanser does not leave my skin feeling dry or tight and I love this.  I have had quite a few gel cleansers that I feel like I need to immediately use a hydrator afterwards or my face feels like it will crack open and off.  I have not once had this feeling yet with the use of this product and this makes me very happy.  I think that I will be using this type of formula in the fall and winter and then into the early spring.  This wash from Dior is a present to my dry, sensitive skin!

photo courtesy of Dior

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