Friday, June 7, 2013

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

We are in that lull period between the end of the summer collections and the beginning of the fall collections, this is the time of the year that I spend most of my time trying new fragrances and skincare items out.  I have all the makeup and nail polish that I could possibly need until after Labor Day and now I will begin to save up my beauty product money for new items for fall.  The fragrances that I will be trying out this time of the year often become ones that I will want to set aside for the fall, I am working my way through my huge fragrance sample collection and looking for fragrances that I will want for the fall and winter.  For beauty product shopping purposes only...I am basically done and over with summer.

Yesterday, I reviewed a new Chloe fragrance and found a fragrance that I could wear all year long.  I have a very hard time finding fragrances that I find work well in all seasons and this one is a new gem.  I have more than one huge samples of that scent so I will revisit once I have actually managed to use both of them up.  But I have a feeling that this one is a winner for me and now we will see if I have another winner today.  Today we are looking at a fragrance from the legendary House of Guerlain and one that will be set aside for the fall and winter months (if it is a winner). 

When buying French perfumes, I tend to head right to the House of Chanel and have not given many of the fragrances from Guerlain the proper test drives.  When I started thinking about why, I stumbled one root cause...many of the famous fragrances from Guerlain are harder to find in my area and would require online ordering without smelling or picking up a new fragrance when I head up to New York City.  I read such lovely reviews about them and The Perfume Guide loves many of their fragrances but they are on harder side to find for me.

Today's fragrance is La Petite Robe Noire, a fragrance that I read about in Vogue or Allure several years ago and never realized that it was only released in Europe.  I remember freaking out that it had a rose note in it and looking high and low for it every time that I went to Sephora.  I eventually forgot about it until I saw it last fall at Sephora (as a "new" release) and I was able to find a sample of it with one of my orders.  I think my expectations may have been too high after how long I waited for this fragrance...

"An absolutely essential and utterly irresistible perfumed creation. The legendary heart-shaped bottle has been boldly reinterpreted with a modern touch. Its crystalline transparency, fading from black to powdery pink, reveals the silhouette of the little, black dress.  Its simple signature enhances and romances several exceptional materials in a bold overdose—black cherry blinks the first wink. It is illustrated by a clever blend that extends exquisite almond and delicious berries. The second wink takes place as rose enters the stage. Finally, the shadowy temptations of licorice and smoky black tea are ever-so-revealing and lead to irresistible seduction. For the ultimate temptation, the entire creation is wrapped in Guerlinade—fresh, enigmatic, and exhilarating, mischievous and captivating.", states the Sephora website.

I like this fragrance very much but it is not the unique creation that it was hyped up to be.  If you like Chanel No.5 or any type of fragrance like this, you will like this scent.  There is a Rose heart note and Tea notes make it muskier as it settles on my skin.  Maybe my skin is unique but I get none of the Cherry top note and the fragrance goes right into the musky floral territory on me.  The Almond scent is also very faint on me and is barely perceptible unless you are smelling it and trying to find it.  The lack of those two notes isn't a issue for me but it makes the fragrance much less unique than if those were in the mix on my skin.  The fragrance lasts all day on my skin and I will enjoy wearing it in the cooler weather months, I will be putting the rest of this sample aside until October and then finish it up.

This fragrance would work well for getting dressed up and going out or for a professional environment, I would wear this fragrance in any circumstance that I would wear Chanel No. 5 or Coco Mademoiselle.  I have a feeling that I will buy this fragrance in the full sized bottle once the cold weather is upon us but I can't say that it is unique enough for me run out and buy right away.  There are very few rose fragrances that I wouldn't buy and I know that I will get use from this fragrance several times a week once the fall starts.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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