Sunday, June 9, 2013


Earlier this spring, I read an article in In Style about the beauty subscription services and how they work.  I have not every used one of these services but I have several friends that subscribe to Birchbox.  I think that Birchbox is the most widely used of all of the boxes and contains all kinds of beauty product samples and then lifestyle items like tea singles and fitness books.  The article described the Glossybox as the highest end beauty box and is one of the few that contains full sized products along with the samples.  This sounded like the perfect box subscription for me and I decided to check out the Glossybox website earlier today...and now I have started my subscription.

Each month, I will receive five new products from this company, some will be large samples and some will be full sized.  From what I understand, there will be one full sized product in the box each month and this is how the box will basically pay for itself.  I know that I am taking a risk and might be selling money out for products that I might never use one month and then falling in love with the box the next month.  I will be reviewing as many products as I can from my boxes each month and I will have overall comments on how much the products in each box are worth and where they can be bought.

It also appears that each box has a theme and this lends credit to my theory that I will either love or hate the boxes and I can only hope that I will love more boxes than I will hate!  I will get the June box before the end of the month and I will start my reviews with those products!

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