Monday, June 17, 2013

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara

I used to use 100% Pure several years ago when Bath and Body Works carried outside brands at select stores in the country.  Once it was discontinued from this store, I had a lot of problems finding the line and usually had to order it online and hope that I liked the fragrances when they arrived.  Last month, I found the line at the Fresh Market near my house and now I can go right back to shopping and loving this line and I decided to begin by shopping the makeup line this time around.

When I used the line before, I had only used the body products and the lip products.  I want to try everything else in this line now, starting with the eye and face products.  I have never used many natural eye makeup products and this should be an interesting experience if nothing else.  Last week, I purchased the Fruit Pigmented Mascara in this line and have been using it for the past few days.  I like the idea of using natural products closer to my sensitive eye area but I will say that this mascara formula is not capable of crating the style of lashes that I prefer and I need multiple coats to get my lashes anywhere close to thick and false-looking. 

"100% natural, 100% vegetarian.  Colored with black tea and berry pigments.  Lengthens, separates, thickens and glosses lashes.  Water and smudge resistant; suitable for sensitive eyes."

This mascara comes in four shades:
- Black Tea - black
- Blackberry - plum
- Blueberry - navy
- Dark Chocolate - deep brown

I bought the Black Tea mascara since black mascara is the only shade that I wear.  This mascara is best for women that prefer more natural looking lashes or that already have long, thick natural lashes.  Neither of these describe me so this mascara is not the best formula for me.  One coat gives my lashes a black tint but I need two full coats to get any type of additional volume to my eyelashes.  The formula works well to separate my lashes and keep them defined and non-clumpy.  This formula is not made to help hold any kind of curl either.  This formula starts to flake off in about eight hours and it pretty much almost worn off by the time that I am home from a full day of work and then class at night.

As I said earlier, this formula is best for those who like a more natural lash look or who already have great eyelashes.  I am burning through this mascara because I have to use at least two or three coats of it in the morning, I can't see that I will get much more than two months from this tube.  I don't think that I am really a candidate for natural mascara formulas.

I thought that removal would be easy with this product because it is more natural and doesn't have the chemicals and polymers that more traditional formulas contain.  I wrong in this aspect of the product, I need MAC eye makeup remover to get this product off and I can only get about 75% of the product off my lashes and then the rest ends up on my face after my shower.  Maybe if I needed to use less of the product then this wouldn't be so much of an issue but I can't see myself using only one coat of the product.

This formula is one that I would only use on a casual weekend day, it makes my lashes darker but I need to apply a lot of product to get my lashes to look even the slightest bit thicker.  I don't know that I would even be able to expect the same type of results that I get from a DiorShow or They're Real! from this type of formula as the developers have many less ingredients that they can work with.  I like the concept behind this mascara but the performance is not what I need from a mascara so I will not be buying another tube of it.  However I am still interested in what other eye makeup products are in this line and I will pick up a few each time that I visit Fresh Market for food.

photo courtesy of 100% Pure

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