Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Summer 2013 Nail Polish Collection

The color collections are now really coming at us and the polish collections are now coming out too.  We had a great spring season for nail polish shades and I don't know how the beauty industry will be able to top the speckled polishes that were introduced by Illamasqua and Deborah Lippmann over the past few months.  After the great season that we just came off of, I am now doubly excited to see what some of my favorite companies have in store for me this season.  In the summer months, I love brights and then really pale nudes, I will be sick of pale pastel shades in the next few weeks and I will go back to wearing my favorite brights right after that!  I think that I am hoping to pick up a few new great brights in the next few weeks and then I want to buy at least one or two more pale nudes to add to my collection.  I am all over the polish shade range in the summer months and I usually change my polish at least every two days this time of the week.  And that doesn't even count my weekly pedicures...

The first new nail polish collection that I have seen for the summer months is that of Deborah Lippmann's and therefore that is right where we will begin!  I have loved this brand for years now and this is one of the best brands for pale neutral polish shades.  Sarah Smile is still one of my favorite shades, it is a lovely pale pink that was designed for Sarah Jessica Parker when she was on the set of Sex and the City (still my favorite television show!).  I will need to get another bottle of this shade very soon since I wear it all the time and for all occasions.

So what is Deborah Lippmann doing for the summer months?  We have four new shades offered that are all inspired by mermaids, I remember several summers ago that the beauty industry went through a mermaid phase and my favorite OPI for Sephora polish came out in this middle of this trend.  I wonder if this trend will be back this summer, the Chanel summer collection shades would work very well with this type of trend and I am betting that we will see more collections that are inspired by this type of trend.

Here are the new shades that Deborah Lippmann has brought out for the summer!

- Do the Mermaid - lavender luster (glittered shimmer)
- Million Dollar Mermaid - tangerine twinkle (glittered shimmer)
- Mermaid's Kiss - bubbling blush (glittered shimmer)
- Mermaid's Eyes - seaside cerulean (glittered shimmer)

Mermaid's Eyes is my favorite of the new shades, I love any type of teal polish shade and this shade is very unique and quite special.  These shades might be my new favorites for the summer season and I am so excited to try out this new finish, I never thought that the speckled finish could be topped and this is almost like a shimming version of it.  After I get the teal shade, I want to buy both of the pink and lavender shades and I know that I will wear them all summer long. 

This collection is wonderful and a great start to summer polish collections, I still can't believe that companies can find more new finishes to make and each time they only get better and better.  I think that Mermaid's Eyes might be my early favorite of the whole summer season!

photo courtesy of Deborah Lippmann

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