Monday, April 15, 2013

Philosophy The Beach Party

With the Sephora Friends and Family in full swing, I have been frequenting their website and Iphone app.  I have made my initial order and am waiting for it to come in the next day or two and I am already looking at what I would place for a second order.  Each time that I look at the website, I only manage to find more items that I would like to buy and am trying to figure out how to best narrow this down to only one more order.  So far, I have not been buying body products from Sephora since I have bought so many shower gels and lotions from the Fresh Picked line at Bath and Body Works and should not be adding anything additional to my shower at all.  That resolution went well for several months but now I am seeing some of the new summer products from Philosophy available on the Sephora website and I really want to go to the store and see what they smell like!

The first item that I am seeing available from this company is a set of three smaller sized products that is all wrapped up and ready to give.  Friends and family of mine love to get gifts from Philosophy so I am always watching for new sets and I love the large selection that this company is currently offering!  The Beach Party is a lovely little gift that contains three small body products, a gift that is perfect to give to someone who is going to the beach for the weekend or has an upcoming vacation.

"A trio of cleansing, polishing, and conditioning formulas that refresh with the scent of tropical fruit.  Fresh, juicy mangos and ripe passion fruit—embrace paradise and invigorate your senses with this luxurious set of Philosophy formulas. The body lotion contains nourishing shea butter and natural olive and macadamia nut oils to soften skin and add in moisture retention. The three-in-one shower gel cleanses and conditions skin and hair with a rich, foaming lather. The body polish gently exfoliates skin for a silky, tropical finish.  Drizzle the multitasking gel into the bathtub and soak in the sweetly scented bubbles for extra silky skin.", states the Sephora website to describe the product.

The set contains the following pieces...

- 2 oz Passion Fruit Daiquiri Body Lotion
- 4 oz Passion Fruit Daiquiri Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
- 4 oz Passion Fruit Daiquiri Body Polishing Scrub

This fragrance is new for this summer however I am willing to bet that it is very similar to the Melon Daiquiri that I loved over the years.  This one has a mango scent so I might love it even more since mango is one of my favorite fragrances to use, regardless of the season.  In fact, mango is one of the few fragrances that can get me through the winter months without going crazy!  I am also interested in the fact that a scrub has been offered in this set, Philosophy is not known for having a big selection of any product other than 3-1s and I love that they are creating more and more body products for us to love.

This set is a great start to the summer body product collection and I am really looking forward to see what other products and fragrances come out in the next month!  Friends and Family is still going strong for me...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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