Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Smoothing Cream

I haven't been really trying many new products for my hair lately, I have been buying Matrix Color Care products from my salon and I have been so happy with them that I have been using them almost every single day.  I should be changing up my haircare product more often so that I can avoid any type of residue from forming on my hair and I have decided that I should order a few new products from Sephora and go back to alternating between brands.  I just started looking back through my stash of products and I found this Ojon product that I bought at the end of last fall and then put away until I used my Alterna Bamboo Oil up.  I just finished that product two weeks ago so I brought this cream out and have been using it for about a week now.  I have always loved Ojon' performance but until recently, the scent of the products have made me shy from using them on a regular basis.  I must not have been the only one since this company has really improved the fragrance of all of their hair care products!

I decided to buy a smoothing cream from this company late last fall, I wanted something hydrating and that will fight frizz in both cold and warm weather.  Ojon was a logical company to look for this product from as they are know for having some of the best hydrating products on the market and their products are designed for coarse hair types.  I bought the Dry Recovery Hydrating Smoothing Cream, a cream that can be used to polish and smoother hair either before or after drying. 

"A nourishing styling cream that adds definition, hydration, and brilliant shine.  This cream instantly helps dyed, dried, or fried hair come alive. It's a nourishing leave-in conditioner with the hair-repairing power of nature's golden elixir, ojon oil, plus blue agave, rich butters, and oils. It tames split ends, flyaways, and frizz, and it's so lightweight you won't know it's there—but it still holds your style.  In healthy hydrated hair, the scales of the cuticle lie flat like the shingles on a roof. But when these scales become damaged, they lift and separate and no longer play their protective role. Water evaporates, cuticles become more brittle, more moisture is lost, and hair becomes drier. This simple daily ritual breaks this vicious cycle. And the refreshing aroma of ylang ylang, sweet orange, and geranium refreshes your spirits."

This product is recommended for use on damp hair but I have read reviews of it being used on dry hair too.  I have only used when my hair is damp so that I can add a bit more moisture and protection before blow drying and straight ironing.  It comes out of the tube with a thick lotion texture and I only have to use a dime-sized drop to cover all of my hair.  I soften it in my hands and then evenly apply it through damp size so that I can style it with the blow dryer. 

I was happy that this cream is a light texture, I was afraid that it would be as thick as some of the Jonathan Dirt products and that I would still need another product to alternate with it.  This product does not weigh my hair down and hasn't created any issues with building up on the ends.  The earthy floral fragrance of the product is much improved from the old "dirt" scent that the first generation of products had and I love the improvement.  I now want to buy more products from Ojon and I will be alternating them with the Matrix products that I currently love. 

photo courtesy of Sephora

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