Monday, April 1, 2013

DKNY Be Delicious Eau So Intense

One of my favorite fragrances in college was DKNY's original Be Delicious fragrance, the one that is contained in the green apple bottle and has been one of their best selling fragrances for years.  I used to use this fragrance almost every single day during the early spring and then into the summer and I quickly burned through a good sized bottle of it and then I never repurchased it since I was beginning to get sick of it.  Over the past few years, all kinds of new versions of this fragrance have been released and my favorite still remains the original version and the floral version.  None of the other versions have really attracted me as much as the original has and I never bought a bottle of any of the others and I have recently been thinking about picking up another bottle of the original for the warm weather months. 

Before I made my decision, I saw that a sample of a new version was available as a sample on one of the many Sephora orders that I have made over the past two months and I jumped at the chance to really try another version out and see if this might be a version that I would actually purchase and wear.  The new version is a stronger and more intense apple version of the original and is fittingly named "Be Delicious Eau So Intense".  One of my favorite aspects of the original version is the balance between the tart apple and the lighter floral notes and I am thinking that this version will not have that balance and has the potential to be too heavy on the apple.  We shall see...

"All the things you love about Be Delicious is now intensified—decadent and refreshing. A delectable fragrance that is the pick of the crop, Be Delicious Eau So Intense is all of the things you love about Be Delicious, but even more ardent. A higher concentration of our classic Be Delicious fragrance accentuates the key apple note, resulting in a more intoxicating scent that resembles the first bite of a freshly picked apple."

The Sephora website does not list the notes for this fragrance so I will list the ones that were provided for the original version instead.  The notes are: American Apple, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Candid Magnolia, Tuberose, White Muguet, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, Tender Skin Accord, Blonde Woods, White Amber.

The original fragrance started off apple and then the apple faded away slightly and the mix of florals becomes more evident.  After about two to three hours, the fragrance gradually fades into the wood and sandalwood notes.  The original fragrance never lasted long enough on my skin so I was originally quite excited when I saw a more intense version of this fragrance.  My first hope with the version was that it would smell very similar but last longer on my skin and that this would become a fragrance that would last all day long on me instead of one that I must carry a small version of the bottle in my bag for frequent touch ups.  Well this new version is not quite what I was hoping for...

The new version is a very intense green apple scent and that note never softens.  The first hit of the fragrance is very green apple (similar to the original) and then I was waiting for the apple to soften a bit and then the floral notes to emerge.  I was even open to the possibility for a mix of floral and apple with a stronger emphasis on the apple.  This fragrance is very heavy on the apple, it made more sense once I read the fragrance description from Sephora and I saw that only the green apple note was intensified and none of the others.  They are completely correct when they talk about the intense green apple notes, this is all that the fragrance smells like and it never fades down into a mixture of notes.  This is the closest to a singular green apple fragrance that I have ever smelled and this was not what I was hoping for when I tried this fragrance.

This might be one of the worst versions of the original, it is such a singular note fragrance that I find it boring and rather flat.  The original was sparkling and fun, this one is just much too strong on the apple and reminds me of the old Victoria's Secret Apple-tini scent (fun at first but got boring very fast) and this is not what I was expecting from a fragrance from DKNY.  Someone who loves very crisp and simple scents might find this fragrance appealing but I am no closer to finding a new fragrance for spring after using this sample for two days...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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