Monday, April 22, 2013

Tarte MultiplEYE Clinically Proven Natural Lash Enhancing Primer

On a daily basis, I use eye shadow primer and then overall face primer so I am always interested in what other kinds of primers are available on the beauty product market.  I have seen lipstick primers, however I have never found a need for this product, a good quality lip stain will function just as well as a lipstick primer and I don't have a need for a priming product underneath a sheer lip gloss or tinted balm.  Ever since I had the realization about the lipstick primer, I have been interested in a mascara primer and I jumped at the chance to order a deluxe sized one from the Sephora VIB program late last holiday season.  This product was included in a set from Tarte that was exclusive to VIBs and this is the place that I first tried the Maracuja Oil (and then fell in love with!) and also received a new mascara.

My goal with this product is to get the same lash look and effects with using less mascara.  I am imagining that I could use a coat of this primer and then one coat of mascara and not need the two or three coats of mascara that I often use.  I will not use this product with multiple coats of mascara as putting more product on will increase the chances of clumping.  There is only so large that I would be able to get my eye lashes until I only begin to get clumps and flakes and I do not plan to get to this state.  I decided to try this product out for two weeks and then decide if it is worth me buying a whole separate product to use in the morning or if I would get the exact same result from two coats of thickening mascara. 

"A one-of-a-kind lash primer that is clinically proven to immediately increase the appearance of lash volume by 739%, while also increasing the appearance of lash length with regular use."

"Prep, prime, and for the first time increase the appearance of lash volume by 739%, while also increasing the appearance of lash length, with multiplEYE™ Natural Lash Enhancing Primer. The groundbreaking, high-performance natural formula combines natural plant waxes and film formers to extend and volumize the appearance of lashes, while the proprietary and clinically proven HydroPlant™ peptide (a soy-amino super protein) helps improve the appearance of lash length and growth. For even more volumized and lengthened lashes, use with multiplEYE clinically proven natural lash enhancing mascara for an incredible 1102% increase in the appearance of lash volume! The precision bristles of the cone-shaped brush separate and evenly coat every last lash, while also delivering conditioning nutrients to stimulate lashes from root to tip. "

"To achieve maximum results, use as a part of the multiplEYE 3-step regimen for naturally enhanced lashes without the prescription or the harmful side effects. This product is free from talc, formaldehyde donors, MEA/ DEA/ TEA, and animal testing."

I have been using this product every time that I put mascara on for two weeks now and I concede that it is a nice product but not a life-changing item.  I used this product every morning on clean, dry lashes and then waited about two minutes to them apply my mascara (the tube did not state a specific time that I should wait before applying mascara so I waited longer then normal just to be safe).  There was a bit of a white substance on my lashes but it mostly dried clear, this is not a product that could be used by itself because of the appearance of my lashes after application.  I am using MAC Opulash Mascara and decided to keep using the same product all throughout trying this primer as I know the results to expect one or more coats of that mascara. 

I don't know where Tarte got the 739% increase in lash volume from, that number makes no sense as a lash that became 700% larger would look totally different.  I think that it actually means that each lash is about 7 times larger after use of the product than before use of the product, a number that makes more sense.  Of course, lashes will be larger with the application of a product made to thicken them, the key is for the lashes to look as thick and lustrous as the wear desires (where the products usually die for me).  One coat of this primer really thickens my lashes and then a coat of mascara on top of it will enhance the effect, however I have found that use of this product is no better than applying two coats of thickening mascara.  I have experienced no increase in lash growth and I think that I would have to use the product for at least four to six weeks before I would notice any difference, if this product was really changing my life with how well it volumized my lashes then I would buy another tube if it and keep up the daily use to see how well it performed in this aspect.  But since I could easily just use two coats of mascara, I see no reason to buy this product again and see if it has anymore benefits.

Face and eye shadow primers really make a difference in my makeup application and durability, this product does little more than a coat of a traditional thickening mascara will do.  This product really didn't do very much for me and therefore I will be skipping over it.  If this is the only product that I do not like from Tarte...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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