Sunday, April 28, 2013

Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes

After this semester is over, I have decided that I must start seriously looking to join and gym and check out every organization that is around me.  With that, I am well aware that I will end up needing new clothing, sneakers, and new beauty products to support this lifestyle change.  I have read so many stories in beauty magazines about increased acne, limp hair, and increased need to shower (therefore drying out my skin even more than it usually is).  I know some women that have issues with visiting the gym just because of these issues and I refuse to avoid the gym and come up with a separate beauty product routine that will combat all the bad that occurs at a sweaty gym.  That means that I have a different kind of skincare product shopping to do...

I started thinking about this about two weeks ago when I was having massive writer's block on my final paper for Leading People in Organizations.  I began by listing all the gyms in my area and then went over to the Sephora website to look at some of the skincare sets listed as "Travel".  One of the first items that I came upon was skincare wipes that are made to clean skin and remove makeup.  A product like this is exactly what I would want for after working out to clean all the sweat and excess makeup off my skin and try to avoid some of the pore clogging issues that will result.  Wipes must be a popular item since a bunch of companies that I already have skincare products from have all kinds of wipes, some companies even have multiple kinds so that they are targeted toward many skin types.  I got really excited to see that Korres (already a favorite skincare brand of mine) has multiple kinds of wipes that are targeted toward different skin types.  Which is great because the last thing that I need right now is for a cleansing product to dry out my skin more and then lead to even more oil production...

Korres has a line for made just for dry skin and I am happy to see that the Milk Protein line continues to grow and grow the more that they release new products, I love combining products from this line and the Wild Rose line to both hydrate and calm my skin.  I ordered the Milk Proteins Cleansing and Makeup Removing Wipes as soon as I saw them and I have used them the past two nights to try them out (before I decide that they earn a spot in my future gym bag!).

"A travel-friendly package of 25 wipes that gently yet effectively remove makeup, dirt, and oil.  These wipes, enriched with softening milk proteins, effortlessly eliminate eye makeup (waterproof included) and cleanse the skin to create soft, supple, refreshed results. Milk proteins, rich in essential amino acids, nourish and moisturize the skin, while aloe soothes the skin from redness and irritations. This convenient solution is perfect for and on-the-go cleansing."

The key word here is "on the go", these are not a substitute for your traditional liquid cleanser and they will not replicate all the benefits of doing the traditional skincare regime every single day.  I read several reviews on Makeup Alley by people who used them every single day and I can see why they didn't love them, this isn't the way to use them and of course they didn't get the best benefits to their skin.  I would only use these wipes once or twice a week when I go to the gym right from work or class and then would do my regular skincare regime each day. 

These function very well to get my face makeup off and take a good amount of my eye makeup off.  These are not made to get a real deep clean and are not a replacement for a traditional cleanser.  This product got my makeup residue and sweat off after I went jogging the other day and they quickly got face makeup, a bit of eye makeup, and sweat off my face without leaving it feeling tight and dry.  This is exactly what I wanted for this type of product and I highly recommend them for a gym bag or even for a late night.  I would not recommend them for everyday use and anyone who uses them like this will not like the product. 

The Milk Proteins wipes are for normal to dry skin but this company also offers the Pomegranate wipes for normal to oily skin.  I have used one Pomegranate product before and I really liked that face cream and I think that I can safely recommend those to people with a different skin type than mine. 

I will be coming out with more posts over the next few months of products that I am using to fill my gym bag and if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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