Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NARS Pierre Hardy for NARS Nail Polish Collection

So far this season we have already seen one new collection from NARS and now the second one has been released.  The same type of occurrence was done last summer, there was the traditional summer color collection and then a series of nail polish shades came out very soon after that.  NARS is taking the same path this summer, the traditional color collection was released about two weeks ago and now I see that the NARS and Pierre Hardy collection of nail polishes are up on the NARS website.  I have seen pictures of these polishes in magazines for the past month and they are said to be the best polishes of the entire summer and almost every article about new trends in manicures and pedicures contains at least one or two of these polish shades.  I believe that one article contained every single shade from this collection and that got me very excited to see when this line got released. 

These polishes are sold in pack of two bottles, one shade designed for manicures and the other designed for complementing pedicure.  I have seen the most pictures of a duo that contains a yellow and a purple hue and also of a duo that contains an orange and a deep blue.  I also see that this collection contains two shades of what I believe are blush.  I had seen these at Sephora before any of the polishes were released and now I know what collection that they are part of.  I originally wondered if they were part of the summer collection but we saw that they weren't and then I wondered if they were just a new product that I hadn't seen yet.  Now I have my answer...

This collection is all about contrasting and complementary shades and I believe that many of these nail polish duos are going to be some of the best polish shades for the summer months.  I am also excited to see if there is a blush shade for me in the two new ones that I have come out for Pierre Hardy for NARS.

Here is Pierre Hardy for NARS!

Pierre Hardy for NARS Blush - Limited edition high voltage blush palette with a shimmering pressing of Pierre Hardy's iconic avant-garde print.  Natural, healthy-looking finish that immediately enlivens the complexion.  Silky texture.  Micronized powder ensures soft, blendable applications.  Inspired by the designer's 2013 high-fashion shoe collection, the Pierre Hardy for NARS collection also includes six nail polish pairs presented in the spirit of his signature shoebox packaging for ultra modern couplings of conceptual color.
- Boys Don't Cry - pink grapefruit
- Rotonde - tiger lily

Pierre Hardy for NARS Nail Polish Pairs - Inspired by his 2013 high-fashion shoe collection, Pierre Hardy infuses his ultra modern color palette into limited edition nail polish pairs, presented in the spirit of his signature shoebox packaging.  These two complementary shades selected by Hardy may be worn together or separately -- hands, toes, anything goes. Sets includes two nail polishes and Pierre Hardy for NARS signature mini-shoebox and dust bag.  Incredible luster and prolonged gloss retention.  Long-wearing, durable chip-resistant finish.  UV protection to prevent polish discoloration. Toluene, formaldehyde and DBP free.  The Pierre Hardy for NARS collection also includes two high voltage blushes with shimmering pressings of the avant-garde designer’s iconic prints. Pierre Hardy for NARS —an ultra modern coupling of conceptual color.
- Ethno Run - orange/navy
- Sharplines - peach/burgundy
- Vertebra - coral/dusty rose
- Easy Walking - rose gold/camel
- Sharks - yellow/lavender
- Venemous - gunmetal/black

Sharks is my favorite combination and this is the one that was in all the beauty magazines and featured on all the beauty blogs, I might have a hard time getting my hands on it soon but I will be holding out for it over the next few weeks.  Sharks is my favorite but I still have several other duos that I would like to order.  Venemous is my second favorite, I will use this one in the fall and winter months and both of these shades will be staples in my polish collection.  Vertebra is the last duo that I want, this one will be best for summer and the coral shade will only work against tanned skin.  I don't love the other duos enough to order them, I love the rose gold shade and the navy shades but not the others in the duo so I will look to see if I can find similar shades from China Glaze or another one of my favorite polish companies.  I will round out my shopping of this collection with the Boys Don't Cry shade of the limited edition Blush shades.

There is nothing that I love more than a NARS collection and this one doesn't disappoint!

photo courtesy of NARS

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