Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Guerlain Summer 2013 Collection - Terracotta

Over the past few days, we have been talking about a few new favorite products of mine and now I feel the need to go back to summer collections.  I see that the Guerlain summer collection is now up on the Nordstrom website and I am all about finding a new bronzer or two.  I shudder to think what might happen if my current MAC bronzer runs out and I have to find a new one on a deadline...  I would have to visit Sephora and dig through their bronzer display and need to try each one out on different areas of my hands and body, not a task that I would look forward to.  So this collection is doubly important to me, I know that this company has some of the best bronzers on the beauty product market.

I am really getting ready for summer, I am excited to start buying self tanner again and am checking out bright new nail polish shades that will perfectly offset a tan.  For me, that means bright pinks and aquas (especially for pedicures) and some fun sundresses to match.  I am so excited to started wearing my favorite vintage Lilly Pulitzer sundress and giving myself a matching manicure and pedicure.  With a great bronzer to even out my skintone!

The new collection from Guerlain is called Terracotta and it is all about bronzers and the assorted items that are made to complement bronzed skin.  I am most interested in finding a new bronzer formula but I am open to everything else that is available with this collection!

Here is the newest bronzing collection from Guerlain!

Terracotta Four Seasons Bronzer - As the seasons change from winter through summer, women find that the tone of their complexion and their bronzing needs change as well. From the ultimate authority in bronzing comes Terracotta Four Seasons: a variation in four steps to sculpt your tan all year long. The perfect gradation of caramelized tones, Terracotta Four Seasons features four wonderfully matte shades to blend together to match every desire, skin tone or season for an authentic tan and an incredibly natural result. With endless possibilities for combining and layering, this new powder is essential to sculpt the complexion and reproduce your dream tan to perfection. Its secret to unprecedented luminosity lies in the formula enriched with pure gold that plays within the four tones for a tan that maintains radiance, no matter what the season.
- 00 Nude - pale gold tan
- 02 Natural Blondes - pale gold tan
- 03 Natural Brunettes - light to medium bronze
- 04 Medium Blondes - medium bronze
- 05 Medium Brunettes - medium to deep bronze
- 08 Ebony - deep bronze tan

Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow Foundation - Why choose between correction and a healthy glow? Terracotta Skin, the first Guerlain hybrid foundation, perfects the skin with the sheer coverage of a powder. The Terracotta Skin texture is extremely creamy, thanks to a blend of powders and volatile oils combined with an elastomer gel. In just a few seconds, its magical texture melts into the skin to reveal a fabulous complexion radiating health and well-being, as if you've just been on holiday - the unique sensation of bare skin with a matte and velvety finish.
- 01 Blondes - light to medium tan
- 02 Brunettes - medium tan

Terracotta Sun Scrub Tan Enchancing Scrub - Triple-action exfoliation evens tone, softens skin and illuminates. An oily gel formula moisturizes dry skin and leaves a subtle scent of a tropical escape.

Terracotta Makeup Palette for Face and Eyes - The perfect solution to a radiant tan all year round. Set includes two bronzing powders, four eyeshadows and two applicators.
- Eye Shadows - deep charcoal/deep bronze/medium bronze/light bronze
- Bronzing Powders - medium tan and light tan

I love the Four Seasons Bronzer and I hope that this product will be at my favorite local Sephora store, I want to try the shades out before I order it.  The Blondes and Brunettes shades are quite different, the Brunettes are the deeper of the shades however I feel like I need the Blondes since my skin has such pale undertones (even though I have deep brown hair).  Does anyone reading this have any experience with these bronzers and choosing the correct shade?

If I only get the Four Seasons Bronzer from this collection, I will be very happy however I am also very excited about the product that I have pictured with this collection, the Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow Foundation.  I would love to have a foundation that compliments my fake tan and gets my skin evened out in one easy step and then I have only to top it off with a bit of bronzer.  This product also is offered in the Blondes and Brunettes shades and again I am confused as to what I should order.  I think that I will need to email Guerlain and ask a few questions if I cannot find these products at Sephora.  The last item that I would like is the palette, I would use all the of the shades in it even though it is not very unique.  Each shade will flatter a tan in the summer months and then I would continue to use it in the fall months. 

I really like the bronze shades in this collection and I will be doing more research to see what shades I should be ordering...

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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