Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y.

It's official, I have found a new love from the Stella McCartney fragrance line, everyone knows that Stella is my favorite fragrance and now I have found another fragrance for her line that I can wear in the spring and summer months!  Stella McCartney is a favorite designer line of mine and I long for the day when I can own one of her vegan tote bags (and be more vegan myself) and shoes from her wonderful collections.  She is one of my favorite designers (hands down!) and I can't wait to go to her boutique in New York City!

Her newest fragrance is L.I.L.Y. and was named by her father, one of the biggest crushes of my life.  L.I.L.Y. stands for "Linda I Love You" and the name made me melt the first time that I heard it and I knew that this was fragrance that I needed to try.  I decided to order the smallest size of it during the Sephora Friends and Family and I have been using it like crazy over the past few days, this fragrance is worth me buying the massive bottle of very soon.  Let's put it this way...within two days of myself and my co-worker using this fragrance, we used about an eighth of the bottle and I now know that this is fragrance that I need to buy in the largest size possible.  This is the best fragrance that I have tried all spring season and one of my new favorites!

From the Sephora website, "Lily is like nature—vivid and sensual. The contact with nature awakes her sensations and emotions. “It makes me think of my mum. Her nickname from my Dad was Lily. From Linda I love you.” —Stella McCartney"

The notes are: Black Truffles, Black Pepper, Lily of the Valley, Pink Pepper, White Musk, Oak Moss, Patchouli.

This fragrance is a new favorite of mine for spring and summer and it smells like a true English floral on me, not all the musky notes that are described here.  I was originally told that Bluebells were included in with this fragrance but I don't see them in the description, needless to say this is a true English floral on my skin.  I smell the Bluebells and the Lily of the Valley and I fall more in love with it every single time that I wear it, I just can't get enough of this fragrance and I have been using it like crazy.  It is rare that I can see how much I am using in the bottle but in this case I can see the level falling and I know that I need another bottle.

I have talked so much about how I love this fragrance but there is one downfall...  This fragrance doesn't last long enough for me.  To be fair...I spray this fragrance on like crazy and keep spraying as soon as I can't smell it.  I will overlook this aspect since I just love this fragrance.  It is rare that I love a fragrance as much as I love this one and I can't believe that my newest love will allow me to be vegan and still use Stella McCartney in the warm weather.  I don't care ago length of wear...I just LOVE this fragrance. 

Fragrance of spring and summer 2013?!  Found!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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