Friday, April 5, 2013

Nails Inc Spring and Summer Nail Polish Collection

Nails Inc polishes have been included in almost every single Sephora order that I have made in the past few months, now my polish collection is growing even more and my range of shades gets larger with every single season.  I have been ordering shades from the regular collection lately and have been waiting for some more seasonal shades to be available, it seems like it took forever but I now see them up on the Sephora website.  Just in time for the Friends and Family Sale, I can't imagine what all will be even left after the ten day event so I will need to start getting my shopping lists started right now. 

The new shades of polishes from Nails Inc are available only in the set so far, I don't know if they will be released separately or if I will only be able to get them in the Spring and Summer Nail Polish Set.  This set contains six new shades of polishes and I am on the fence about ordering the whole set or seeing what happens if I wait and see if the polishes come in by themselves.  Choices, choices, choices...

"A collection of six catwalk-inspired trend shades. Behind the scenes at Fashion Week, nails inc. spied beautiful salmon pinks, punchy corals, and desirable mint shades. This collection of six limited-edition glossy shades in a beautiful box were created to celebrate these spring/summer trends."

Nail Polish - Professionally formulated, catwalk-inspired nail colors.  This formulation has been specially created and developed using the latest professional technologies for instant and exceptional results. The formulation is long lasting, ultra glossy, and easy to apply so that you get the best possible results every time. All of nails inc. polishes and products are named after iconic places in the UK and streets in London in order to celebrate the brand's British heritage. The range includes shades such as "Piccadilly Circus," "The Mall" (where you will find Buckingham Palace), and "The Thames," the most famous river in the UK.   Nails inc. has a huge color range including everything from super glossy cream shades, liquid metals, shimmery metallics, and glitter shades. Nails inc. really has something for everyone, every outfit, and every occasion.

The shades in the set are...

- Royal Botanical Gardens - mint cream
- Kensington Palace Gardens - medium peach salmon cream
- Chelsea Physic Gardens - pale blue cream
- Primrose Hill Gardens - medium rose pink cream
- Hampton Court Palace Gardens - medium taupe cream
- Belgravia Gardens - medium orange cream

I am very divided as to what I want to do about these polish shades, I am almost afraid to wait for after the Friends and Family Sale since I know that anything good will not be left over.  I really love three of these shades, I like one of them, and doubt that I would wear the last two shades.  I love the mint, the blue, and the medium rose shade and I know that I would get lots of wear from them.  I like the taupe shade and it reminds me of Porchestor Square, a shade from this company that I have been using on a regular basis.  The orange and yellow shades are not my style and would not be attractive on my skintone, I would try and find a friend to give these away to since I would never wear them.

I am considering waiting to see what happens from this company in the next few weeks, my favorite shade is the mint hue but I don't see that I would buy the whole collection just for that shade.  I would be super willing to order it if it was alone so I will wait or I might have to order a similar shade from another line.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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