Monday, January 21, 2013

Deborah Lippmann Spring 2013 Collection - Romantic Rapture

Deborah Lippmann has brought out her spring polish shades and I could not be more excited to start adding more pastels to my polish collection.  I have still have not yet solved the storage issue or gotten over to Bed Bath and Beyond to look at drawers so I really shouldn't be adding that many more polishes to my collection but spring and summer are two of my favorite times to buy more polishes, last spring I bought more China Glaze and OPI polishes than every before and I also discovered Butter London so I am hoping that this spring is very similar.  I am excited about so many of the new shades from all kinds of companies that I have been hearing rumors about and since the Deborah Lippmann shades are up on the website, this is the collection that we are going to look at today.

Romantic Rapture is the name of the new collection from this company and it contains three new shades that are all pastels.  I haven't bought any pastels since last spring so it is high time that I add some more to my collection, I wear pastels all spring and then into the very beginning of summer.  I find that pastels are the only way that I can bring somewhat non-traditional shades into a professional environment.  Being an MBA student, I am very conscious of what I will and will not be able to wear to work in the coming years and while I love all kinds of polish colors, I always make that I have own at least six or seven that I can always wear in a conservative environment.  Of course a pastel in a slightly off-kilter hue is much less noticeable than the same hue in a bright shade...

The shades in Romantic Rapture are...

- Moon Rendezvous - faded slate blue (shimmer)
- Groove is in the Heart - flamingo pink (cream)
- Careless Whisper - scintillating nude (shimmer)

Moon Rendezvous is my favorite of shades, it is a faded cornflower blue shade with a shimmer finish.  Cornflower Blue was a favorite shade of mine when I used to color as a kid and this is the closest shade that I have ever seen to that beloved crayon shade.  I want to order this shade as soon as I can and this is a great example of a non-traditional shade that could be worn in a conservative environment.  Groove is in the Heart is a nice pink but I don't find it to be anything special.  I know that I would wear and like this shade throughout the spring and summer but I will postpone my purchase on it until I look at the other collections and see if there is a pink that I fall madly in love with.  Careless Whisper is another polish that I want to order right now, I loved pale nude hues and Deborah Lippmann does them better than any other line that I have ever tried. 

I love these polishes from Deborah Lippmann and I am excited to see what else comes out this spring!

photo courtesy of Deborah Lippmann

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