Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

I have been trying all kinds of face creams over the past few months and I have liked many of them but I haven't yet stumbled on one that I really like and has been performing for me all season.  I have been hearing about all kinds of face and hair oils since the beginning of the fall months and I decided that I wanted to take my skincare regime up a notch in hydration levels.  I have been curious about the Tarte Maracuja line of products for the past few months and therefore I decided that I was going to purchase the Pure Maracuja Oil and hope that my skin will be more hydrated than it has been all winter.  And it is only going to get colder so I really hoped that this product worked well...

I now have been using this product for about a week now and I much say that I am converted to the trend of using oils in the winter months!  I was a bit skeptical about this product at first, the oil is a thin consistency and I am used to using thick face creams during the winter.  I liked theis product the first time that I used it but I didn't find anything special about it and wasn't quite convinced.  After using it for several days, the effects of the face oil are much intensified and now I can see a change in the texture and feel on my skin.  I am jumping on the oil product bandwagon!

I purchased the product at Sephora but I am going to pull my information and image from the Tarte website.  I must say that I get more and more impressed with Tarte as I try products from them.  Every product that I use makes me love the brand even more and now I want to keep using their skincare products in addition to their color products.  Tarte is now quickly becoming one of my favorite beauty brands, it will soon have a place next to Illamasqua and NARS in my heart!

"This nutrient-rich oil contains vitamin C and essential fatty acids to hydrate sensitive, dry, and acne prone skin, leaving skin even toned and smooth without a greasy feel. Pure maracuja oil is a hydrating treatment oil known for its anti-aging and healing properties for firmer, brighter, and smoother looking skin, and will not cause breakouts.  Product Performance: Essential fatty acids repair and rebuild skin, and promote skin recovery by reducing redness, irritation, and inflammation. The nutrient-rich oil instantly hydrates sensitive, dry, and acne prone skin, leaving skin even toned and smooth without a greasy feel. Vitamin C brightens dull skin for a radiant, dewy, and luminous complexion."

"Powered By: Maracuja oil: pure maracuja oil has been known to replenish, rebuild and brighten skin. The nutrient-rich essential fatty acids repair & rejuvenate skin for a firmer complexion. The moisture-rich formula replenishes & hydrates skin.  Known as “puro milagro” or “the pure miracle”, only one crop of this rare Amazonian fruit is harvested each year by Amazonian women affiliated with tarte’s cooperative in the Amazon. Piece by piece, they sustainably pick and extract this nutrient-rich seeded pulp from each individual maracuja fruit by hand. This naturally harvested treasure, referred to as the “alma” or “soul” of the maracuja fruit is then hand pressed without the use of heat to guarantee the maximum amount of nutritious essential fatty acids and vitamins."

This oil is about as close to a pure oil as can be bought by a major beauty brand, this formula is more what I traditionally expect to find at health food stores.  In my mind, this is a good thing.  My skin is dry and sensitive so I hate when I find a product that I like and get good results from but then the fragrance or shade does something to my skin and I have to stop using it.  The purer that a product is better for my skin, the less excess ingredients lower my chances of having some type of reaction to the product.

After two uses, my skin began to feel softer and smoother.  I use this product every night on clean, dry skin.  I do not use this with any type of serum, I prefer that this hydrator can be completely absorbed by my skin and with nothing in between the product and my face.  The bottle has a dropper contained in it and this is the best method of getting the product out.  I use about three drops to cover my entire face and this is the perfect amount for me.  As I continued to use it, I noticed that my skin didn't get super dry as soon as I washed it, kit is still too dry for me to not use a hydrating day cream but before use of this product, my skin would dry and tight as soon as I finished washing it.  This is a huge improvement in my book and is one of my favorite aspects of this product. 

The Vitamin C has a brightening effect on my complexion, this time of the year my skin is usually dull and gray.  This oil hasn't made my skin look as though it is May but it still looks much better than it could.  I haven't noticed a reduction in the redness in my cheeks however this product helps to keep my skin hydrated and doesn't irritate so it doesn't make my skin any redder than it normally is.  The improved texture of my skin also helps my primer and foundation to glide on easier and then the redness in my cheeks is much easier to conceal.

The only drawback of this produc t is that I got a breakout within about three days of using the product.  I have been using the Boscia acne treatment on it twice a day and it is pretty much gone.  The breakout is pretty small and this is a small price to pay for much this product has improved my skin.  I only really mentioned it because I never get breakouts and I know this product was the cause of it, it does make me wonder how this product will perform if you are more prone to breakouts than I am.  I would think that if you are prone to breakouts, then this will not be the best product for you and you might want to look for another.  Personally, I would recommend this product to those of us with dry and/or senstive skin that needs an extra level of hydration in the cold, dry weather. 

photo courtesy of Tarte

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