Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MAC SS13 Runway Looks - Puri-tan

Puri-tan is the fourth and final look from the MAC makeup artists for this spring and summer.  I liked the last look from today more than any other but I can't say that I have really found any one that has made me want to go out and buy every product that the artists used to create the look on the runways.  Puri-tan is the last of the looks from MAC and this one has the potential to be a wonderful bronze neutral look or a tan look that will be a nightmare on my skin.  I used my first bronzer from MAC last summer and I loved the formula so I am hopeful on this collection and that it will give me a few more bronze shades to start looking at for the late spring and summer months.

"Step into SS13 with minimal, modern makeup. Focus on a fresh face, from luminously perfect and pure to gleaming bronze. Nuances of neons and singular brights glow against bare skin. It's all about ease, edge and effortless radiance."

"Gleaming bronze shades, from warm gold to pale wheat, work to delicately warm the skin this season. "It's almost as if you're seeing makeup through skincare," says Director of Makeup Artistry Terry Barber.  View the complete look for Puri-Tan here."  This looks as though it should be pretty easy to pull off but I might revamp my opinion when I see the products and how they are applied.

The last of the MAC makeup artists' looks for the upcoming season!

Eye Shadow - Mixed with Mixing Medium Shine and Groundwork and blended over eyelids to contour and accentuate the eye.
- Copperplate - muted midtone gray (Matte)

Paint Pot - Mixed with Mixing Medium Shine and Copperplate and blended over eyelids to contour and accentuate the eye.
- Groundwork - midtone neutral taupe (Satin)

Eye Brows - Used to sculpt and elongate brows.
- Stud - deep rich blackened brown
- Lingering - soft taupe brown

Brow Set - Combed through brows.
- Clear - colour-free

Mixing Medium Shine - Mixed with Copperplate and Groundwork and blended over eyelids to contour and accentuate the eye.

Lip Conditioner (Tube) - Hydrates the lips.

Powder Blush - Blended under cheekbones.
- Blushbaby - beige pink (Sheertone)

Fix+ - Spritzed over skin.

I really like the eye makeup look that was created here, I have used the Eye Shadows and Paint Pots before however Mixing Medium is completely new product to me.  Is this product Pro-only or has someone been able to try this before?  Please leave your comments on this post - I really want to know more about this product!

The Groundwork Paint Pot shade has lots of potential for me, I would use this product to create all kinds of eye makeup looks and I could use it against lots of lip looks too.  I will need to buy this product the next time that I go to the counter.  The Copperplate Eye Shadow holds the same amount of potential too and this is another MAC Eye Shadow that I want to own. 

This last look seems as though it will be pretty easy for anyone to pull off, bronze skin isn't needed to make these shades work and I could adapt this for a professional environment too.  I still think that today's previous entry is my favorite look but this one is my close second favorite!

photo courtesy of MAC

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