Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot

In addition to Rebel Romance, MAC has also introduced a small eye makeup collection this week, Pro Longwear Paint Pot.  This is a very busy month for MAC, they have released their Spring and Summer Runway looks already, this new collection and Rebel Romance, and have Year of the Snake and Archie's Girl right on the horizon.  I can't even imagine what my next trip to the counter is going to look like.  I must say that I am the most excited for Archie's Girls and am looking forward to being able to pre-order my favorites sometime soon. 

I have used Paint Pots for several years now and while I do like them, they are not my favorite cream eye shadow and I mostly buy them when MAC comes out with a great shade in them.  I use them mostly for pigment and highlighting but I also know that they get used by a lot of ladies as an eye makeup primer.  I haven't tried them in this regard, I used my first shade once without a primer and I found that it creased and flaked way too much so I can't imagine how well these actually work as a primer...

"Eyes shimmer and shine with the pearly glow of M·A·C Paint Pots - now in a rich, creamy formula that dries with vibrant intensity, delivering illuminating dimension and a lustrous pearlized finish."  It appears that the new Pro Longwear formula produces a richer pigment and has a softer and creamier texture.  I would use this product as a eye shadow only, there is nothing in the description about being longer lasting so I doubt that they function any better as primers than the original formula.

Here are the new versions of the Paint Pot...

Pro Longwear Paint Pot - Long-wearing, highly pigmented eye colour goes on creamy, dries to an intense, vibrant, pearlized finish. Seamless coverage without weight or caking blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.
- Chilled on Ice - frosted white gold
- Let's Skate - pale pink with pearl
- Vintage Selection - frosted dirty peach
- Let Me Pop - frosted light copper
- Antique Diamond - frosted olive silver
- Dangerous Cuvee - frosted cool gray
- Frozen Violet - frosted purple silver
- Blackground - black-gray with multicolour

242 Shader Brush - For powder, concealer or emollient-based product application. This brush has firm fibers carefully shaped to form a rounded edge for a smooth, even finish. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

I don't really see that MAC has been able to teach us how this formula is any different than the previous, the description makes the eye shadow seem as though it will be a creamier texture and have more color payoff but I am sure that this will vary between the shades as it did in the original formula.  I am not quite sold on this product yet, I don't see a ton of differences and there aren't any shades that I really love from this line up.  I like the Let's Skate shade, the pale shimmering pink and I would use this shade with other shades of pinks, golds, and silvers this spring but there is nothing super unique about this shade and I know that I could find either the exact shade or a very similar one from multiple companies.  The other shades that I like are: Chilled on Ice, Vintage Selection, and Let Me Pop.  I know that I would really use these neutrals if the formula is fantastic but again, they are not super unique.

I hope that these are carried at the counters so that I am so a side-by-side comparison of the next and old formulas.  If not, then I don't really think that I will invest in many of these since this wasn't my favorite formula to begin with.

photo courtesy of MAC

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