Thursday, January 10, 2013

LUSH Valentine's Day 2013 Bath and Body Collection

We all know that I am not a fan of Valentine's Day itself and I can only tolerate it because so many great new beauty products and candy come out for it.  One of my favorite Valentine's Day collections come from LUSH, one of the most fun bath and body collections on the market today.  I have been buying heart shaped York Peppermint Pattys for over a week now and it is only fitting that LUSH has released their Valentine's Day products onto their website.  This company always releases a combination of limited edition single bath and body products and then a few giftsets that would be a treat to unwrap on the holiday.  If a guy gave me LUSH for Valentine's Day, he might capture my heart for quite a long time.  I am still working on a bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel from the holidays but I am more than ready to order some new products from this company.  Snow Fairy would also be great for this holiday and I would love to see LUSH incorporate it in this collection next year...

A combination of new products for this holiday, from bath products to a new pink lip gloss, are now available on the LUSH website and in the stores.  I would love to be able to get into the city and play with these products but this will not be happening anytime soon since the new semester is right around the corner. 

Here are some of reasons that I can tolerate Valentine's Day!

Willow Pattern Bar Soap - This creamy rose, Sicilian lemon and rosewood soap is sure to set hearts a-flutter this Valentine's Day. Inspired by a tragic love story of star-crossed lovers, and with a luxurious perfume called ‘A Thousand Rose Petals', this romantic, limited edition soap certainly suits the season of love. With skin softening and soothing ingredients, a lather with Willow Pattern soap is just about the most sensual way to wash this February!

The Kiss Lip Gloss - The Kiss is another first from the LUSH labs; a delicious vegan lip gloss that's absolutely free from preservatives! With luxurious shea and cupuaçu butters, we've created a light balm to moisturize and protect the lips, while giving them a subtle pink glossy sheen – and a delicious almond and mandarin flavor to boot. Re-apply frequently to keep your lips plump and soft after all that kissing!

The Ex-Factor Bath Bomb - When love isn’t a factor in your Valentine’s Day, it’s okay to indulge your wicked streak and celebrate the cynical! With the same vanilla-musk scent as our Butterball Bath Bomb, The Ex-Factor is especially fun for those of you who have a thirst for revenge. Pay no mind to the endless stream of cards, candy hearts and pink balloons around you, and drop our little blue man of bath time voodoo in your tub instead. Delight in watching his limbs dissolve one by one, into the calming, deep blue water until finally (finally!) his little heart explodes into a thousand tiny pieces, only to be washed down the drain into nothingness. Revenge satisfied.

Tender is the Night Massage Bar - Tender is the Night is the world's first soft-centered massage bar, with a light shea and murmuru butter shell that crushes easily in the hand to reveal the almond oil, glycerine, cupuaçu and agave syrup core. This soft centre makes your massage an unforgettable, slippery, sensual experience - letting hands slide tenderly over the skin while spreading an intoxicating jasmine, ylang and vanilla perfume all over.

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar - Everyone’s favorite toadstool has returned! Our enormously popular Magic Mushroom bubble bar is back again this Valentine’s Day, spreading his bubbles and soft, fruity scents everywhere he goes! His red cap contains the creamy Vanillary perfume, and is topped off with a perfectly white stem of fresh strawberries. Lay back in his enchanting waters and allow a spell of relaxation to wash over you. Although sharing a Valentine’s bath can be very enjoyable, you may not have mush-room for anyone else with this fungi!

From Dusk til Dawn Massage Bar - There are times, like Valentine's Day, when you want to make sure your partner is wide awake after a romantic massage. A good rub down with this stimulating bar will ensure your grateful partner has plenty of vim and vigor for other...activities! This gold-capped cone has an uplifting and invigorating perfume of Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange oil to keep you going all night long, From Dusk 'Til Dawn!

My favorite piece is one that has been released several years in a row at the Valentine's Day holiday, the Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar is now the only way for me to get the fragrance from Yummy Yummy Yummy, a strawberry and vanilla scent that has now been discontinued for about a year now.  I loved that scent and I wish that I could get it much more than waiting for this product to come out at Valentine's Day.  It looks like I must have some reason to look forward to this time of the year and I will order at least two or three of these to use over the next few weeks. 

The next item that I want to order is the pink lip gloss, I always want more pink lip glosses and this one will be good for using right now and then all through the spring months.  I will use this product for many months to come.   I want the Ex Factor Bath Bomb more for the novelty value than anything else, I have class the night of Valentine's Day but I will take a bath with this product after class to fully finish up the holiday.  The Willow Pattern Bar Soap smells like lemons and rose petals and I would love to add this to my soap collection, I love LUSH soaps and anything that smells like rose.

Between the LUSH Valentine's Day collection and heart-shaped York Peppermint Pattys, I will try and tolerate this holiday...

photo courtesy of LUSH

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