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Urban Decay Spring 2013 Collection

Urban Decay was a favorite line of mine for many years and even though I haven't been buying as much from then recently, I still treasure their Naked palettes and use them at least three or four times a week.  The company has released their spring collection and I cannot wait to see what the newest addition to the Naked family is, I feel that new pieces of the collection have been coming out almost every single season and I want to know what is in store for spring.  We have already looked at na introduction and overview of the new Naked Basics eye makeup palette, the matte version of the two best selling palettes.  I see that this palette is included with the spring collection, we will briefly touch upon it if you missed the original write up but I will not go into much detail until I have purchased the palete and played around with each shade.  While I am excited for all the new products that will come out with this collection, I think that I am the most excited about the Beauty Balm that is coming out with this collection.  I need to start using this type of product and I want to see how they perform against my favorite tinted moisturizer formulas...

With this collection, I can again see that Urban Decay has re-released another one of their great eye shadow palettes from years past, the Ammo palette.  I do not believe that I own the Ammo palette but I am sure that I already owned eye shadow shades from it in other palettes and in all the singles that I have bought.  I own way more eye shadow palettes from this company than any other.  I wonder if I need to own this palette this time around.  Lastly, I am so excited that new shades from been released in the Lip Junkie Lip Gloss formula, I started using this product when a small gloss came with the Naked 2 Palette and I bought another shade very soon but only found a few shades that I liked enough to wear.  I hope that these new shades will appeal to me!

The newest collection of products from Urban Decay!

Naked Skin Beauty Balm - Minimize pores, lines, wrinkles and redness instantly. Get significantly firmer, more lifted skin in 8 weeks.  It’s not just any beauty balm—it’s Naked Skin Beauty Balm—the BB cream with INSANE benefits. Unlike a lot of beauty balms, Naked Skin delivers measurable anti-aging benefits—and we’ve got the claims to prove it. And while many beauty balms are tinted to provide coverage, ours diffuses light with high-tech pigments to give you amazing, natural, NAKED-looking skin that keeps getting better every week.  Naked Skin is like an instant retoucher in a tube! This multitasking formula:
- Perfects: Optical blurring pigment instantly evens out skin tone and minimizes pores, lines, wrinkles and redness.
- Protects: SPF 20 shields skin from sun damage and Pepha®-Protect helps inhibit DNA damage.
- Treats: Vitasource™ and dGlyage® firm skin, improve elasticity and provide measurable anti-aging benefits.
- Primes: Extremely blendable formula creates a smooth finish so makeup goes on beautifully and stays put.
- Hydrates: Moisturizing but never greasy, Naked Skin Beauty Balm hydrates skin instantly and improves hydration over time.
This lightweight, velvety, oil-free miracle works instantly AND over the long term! Blur flaws in seconds and get serious anti-aging benefits in just 8 weeks—the kind that will have your friends BEGGING to know your secret. The universal shade glides on and dries down to a translucent, flawless finish that works on most skin tones. And did we mention the light-diffusing spheres that make you look professionally retouched? You’ll definitely look better Naked!
Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette - Our first MATTE palette, featuring six gorgeously Naked neutrals to build on or wear alone—including four never-before-seen shades.  Naked Basics is more than just the long-awaited, multipurpose MATTE companion to Naked. It’s the palette EVERY woman needs in her beauty arsenal. With six stripped-down, Nakedly neutral shadows, it has everything you need for the perfect neutral matte eye—including four totally new and exclusive shades.  Use these shadows to contour, line and highlight to create the right amount of definition for any occasion. Or for the days when you’re craving more color, pair them with your fiercest, boldest shadows. Richer than other mattes, the color goes on with a smooth, luxe finish (never chalky or powdery). There’s even one demi-matte shade, Venus, which has the tiniest touch of satin—perfect for highlighting and adding dimension.  While this palette is small, we loaded it with full-size shadow pans, just like our other Naked palettes. Every shade features our Pigment Infusion System™, a vehicle for color that holds tightly to pigment and gives the formula its glide. The proprietary blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the Eyeshadow formula. What does all that mean? Insane color payout. Color that stays on your lids. Sparkle that doesn’t fall. And velvety, suede-like smoothness and blendability.  It all comes in a sleek compact (embossed with a pretty, metallic “NAKED” on the front) that has a slight sheen and a suede-like feel that practically begs to be touched. (Hello…how gorgeous will THAT look coming out of your bag?!) Best of all, the slim design is perfect for travel—so you’ll never have to be without these must-have shades.
- Venus - soft off-white demi-nude
- Foxy - cream bisque matte
- Walk of Shame - very light nude matte
- Naked2 - taupe matte
- Faint - warm dusty brown matte
- Crave - deepest darkest brown/black matte

Naked Flush - Go ahead…get Naked and FLUSHED with our silky bronzer, highlighter and blush. Then bask in the radiant glow and let people wonder what you’ve been up to.  Talk about a hot little threesome—a SILKY bronzer, highlighter and blush in a sleek, travel-ready compact. Just try to resist the urge to experiment. Use these silky pressed powders individually or blend them together to create just the right effect—and let this seemingly straight-laced trio morph into a tangled color love fest. Then bask in the radiant glow and let people wonder what you’ve been up to. Our micronized, jet-milled formula has a luxe, featherlight texture that feels amazing on your skin. And the finish? Flawless. Light-diffusing particles enhance and perfect to give your skin a fresh, glowy look (even when your late-night antics have you feeling anything but). The color is intensely pigmented yet blends beautifully—and the universal shades are versatile enough for any skin tone. It all comes in a sleek case with an easy-open magnetic closure and a big mirror. It’s compact enough for travel or mid-date touchups, but don’t let that fool you. With a much larger fill weight than similar products on the market, this trio gives you a lot of bang for your buck. What You See Is What You Get: Bronzer (medium bronze satin), Highlighter (soft pink champagne shimmer) and Blush (dusty rose satin with a hint of shimmer).

Ammo Eye Shadow Palette - A relaunch of one of our most iconic palettes EVER, this set features ten best-selling shadow shades—from neutral to vivid to all-out smoky.  A revamped version of our Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box, this baby mixes the best of old-school UD (ten all-time best-selling shades) and new (our longest-lasting shadow formula EVER). It comes fully loaded with TEN shades no Urban Decay junkie should be without—from neutral to vivid to all-out smoky. Pair up the vertically color-coordinated duos or channel your inner artist to create multihued looks that are all your own.  Every Eyeshadow features our Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability.  If you’re a hard-core UD junkie, you probably already noticed that we reworked the design elements from the original palette. This version features a metallic purple skull on the front, intricately woven out of animals, flowers, pistols, swords and other UD elements. Inside, skulls, snakes and flowers collide to create a dreamy backdrop for the mesmerizing array of shadows. We also replaced the old sponge-tip applicator with a shadow brush and added a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion—to keep whatever looks you dream up vibrant and crease-free around the clock.
- Smog - deep coppery bronze shimmer
- Mildew - mossy green shimmer with gold shift
- Oil Slick - black matte with silver micro-glitter
- Last Call - metallic plum
- Chopper - copper shimmer with silver micro-glitter
- Maui Wowie - metallic golden beige with silver glitter
- Shattered - turquoise shimmer with gold shift
- Polyester Bride - white snow shimmer with silver micro-glitter
- Grifter - sheer lavender shimmer with silver micro-glitter
- Sin - champagne shimmer

Lip Junkie Lip Gloss - Get hooked on shine, without the sticky hangover. Lip Junkie features a soft, luxe texture, stay-put shades and tastes like wedding mints. Addicted yet?  You want a super-shiny gloss, but can't stand the sticky texture, right? Wait till you feel the soft, cushiony texture of this gloss! Lip Junkie stays put longer than other glosses, but never feels gummy or gooey. It comes in a range of pretty amazing shades (if we do say so ourselves), and the color payout is amazing. Take your pick from sheer pretty neutrals, kick-ass brights, or glimmering near-black. And the flavor? Think yummy wedding mints... a sweet mint with a little zing that makes breath feel fresh.
- Obsessed - creamy baby pink
- Flushed - creamy mauve pink
- Trashed - bright pink shimmer

I am loving a lot of the items in this collection, I'm not yet sure what my favorite item is yet, there are so many that I plan to buy and play with.  It goes without saying that I will be buying Naked Basics, I think that this product will be part of my next Sephora order since I have not yet seen it in the store.  The Beauty Balm is a top choice of mine too, I must try this new formula too.  I am thinking that my next Sephora order is just going to be huge, too bad that this is one of the few holidays that I have not received any Sephora gift cards, there are a bunch of items that I want to order very soon.  The new shades of the Lip Junkie Lip Gloss are just what I was looking for late last spring when I went to buy more shades so that I could really review the formula.  I think that Obsessed will be great pale pink for the spring months, then I will go over to Trashed for the summer months.  Flushed is more of a subtle mauve shade so this one will work well all throughout the year.

The Naked Flushed palette is another item that I am very interested, I would love to add this bronzer and highlighter palette to my spring and summer makeup collection.  I don't need this product yet but I will be more likely to purchase this product later in the spring months.  More to come on this one...

I am really considering purchasing the Ammo Palette this time around, I want the new eye shadow formula and this seems like the best of both worlds.  This is a combination of the best of both worlds, some of the best selling traditional Urban Decay Eye Shadow shades with the brand new formula.  I already own a pretty good amount of these shades: Smog, Oil Slick, Last Call, Chopper, Maui Wowie, Grifter, and Sin are all already in my collection.  Smog, Maui Wowie, Chopper, and Sin are among my favorite neutral shades and I then all very often so having a back up (or two) wouldn't bother me.  This might be my favorite of the Urban Decay Eye Shadow palettes that have been re-released even though I still don't think that this company needs to re-release old items and should just look to the future and invent new items and palettes.

photo courtesy of Urban Decay's Facebook page

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