Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fendi Fan di Fendi

Happy New Year!  I hated to start the New Year off a negative note but today we are looking at one of the first fragrances from Fendi, a scent that I had high hopes for.  I had heard some great reviews of this fragrance and therefore I was so excited when the sample was offered with my Nordstrom order.  This fragrance was said to be very Italian, in all the best ways.  Silician oranges and bright summer days were what I had in mind when I decided on this sample, citrus fragrances often do not work well with my skin chemistry, making me even more determined to fine one or two that I can wear in the bright days of summer.  Also, any fragrance that brings back memories of my trip to Italy is tops in my book, I have great memories of Venice and I must go back one day.  Needless to say, this fragrance from Fendi failed on two huge accounts for me.  I wasn't loving the fragrance itself and I was also disappointed with how short of a time that it stayed on my skin. 

This fragrance is one of those that started off great but then quickly faded into blah.  "Fan di Fendi is the fragrance you just adore to adore. Like a hit refrain, it's insistent, addictive, and irresistible. Electrifying you, possessing you, haunting you. Getting under your skin, inhabiting you.  A radiant floral scent resting on a leather base, this wildly exciting eau de parfum pays tribute to Fendi's expertise with materials such as fur and leather—plus the arty, rock and festive spirit that defines Fendi. It diffuses Roman sun and electric nights, leather and roses, luxury and seduction.  A glamorous chunk of gold, the bottle features Fendi's emblematic double F logo—a reference the Forever buckle on the iconic Baguette bag. On top, the cap recalls the black lacquered clasp of the Fendi Peekaboo bag. And with its golden juice inside, the bottle beams with a sun-yellow tone, resonating the House of Fendi's opulent aesthetic, unbridled creativity, and spirited elegance."

Courtest of the Sephora website, the notes of the fragrance are: Pear-blackcurrant Accord, Tangerine from Calabria, Pink Peppercorn from Reunion Island, Damascena Rose, Yellow Jasmine Accord, Patchouli from Indonesia, Soft Leather Accord.

This fragrance starts offf with the Tangerine note and then quickly shifts over to the Rose and Jasmine.  When I first started wearing this fragrance, I was so happy with the mix of the citrus note with the florals, the florals tempered the sharpness of the citrus and the fragrance smelled lovely on me, I really thought that this would be have a great fragrance for me to wear next spring and summer.  Thank goodness that I held out for a few hours before I decided to order the fragrance from Sephora.  As the fragrance develops, the tangering wears off and it goes more floral, the rose note comes out a bit but then fades really quickly.  It didn't bother me at this point, I still liked the florals but wished the the tangerine and floral mix would have stayed on a bit longer.  In about another hours, this fragrance basically falls apart and disappears.  The first time that I used the fragrance, the lack of staying power reallyn took me by surprise.  The second and third times, I was prepared and measured that both of those times, the fragrance lasted less than four hours each time.  I was using the traditional EDT, not a lighter body spray or any type of version that wouldn't be designed to last very long. 

I was really disappointed with this fragrance, the lasting pwoer was awful and it started out so great and then faded away into nothing.  If this fragrance would be remained at the same level and the fragrance blend that it was about half an hour into the wear, then I would have already bought a botlte of this to set aside for the spring and summer months.  The citrus and floral blend worked so well on my skin and the mixture reminded me of my time in Italy.  I was pretty much crushed by the awful lasting power of the fragrance and I even considered purchasing both the EDT and then a rollerball to put in my bag and touch up with throughout the day.  To be real, I will forget to touch up the fragrance until well after it totaly fades.  There is just no point to me buying a bottle of this fragrance and I guess that my search for a great Italian-inspired citrus fragrance will continue into the new year...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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