Thursday, January 31, 2013

MAC Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake is one of the full color collections that is coming out this week and I really wish that this collection would have been released last week or the week before, this looks like a great collection but I know that it will get overshadowed by all the hype that is now surrounding Archie's Girls.  This collection was put up on the MAC website late last night and I found it up when I was stalking the website for Archie's Girls, I even passed over this collection because I was so obsessed with finding the products from Archie's Girls.  I will admit that when I put up my Most Wanted list tomorrow that a bunch of the items are from Archie's Girls and I am just so excited for when I can get my hands on that collection.  Personally, I will do a big order from Archie's Girls so that I can get what I want the most and then look at the rest of the products and shades in Year of the Snake.

This collection is very inspired by Chinese New Year however I am almost sure that this is NOT the Year of the Snake and is the Year of the Dragon (am I wrong?) and I think that MAC could have tied this in slightly better with a slight modification of the collection.  Year of the Snake will be available only online so that it isn't competing with other collections at the counters.  I just really wish that this collection would have come out earlier and also been at the counters because I have seen pictures of these products and this is a really strong collection for MAC.

"Look east to celebrate the 2013 Chinese New Year in style - and the luxury-loving individuals born under its sensual sign. The collection is defined by a palette of vibrant shades and shimmering finishes. Features exclusive packaging, slithering with chic."  There is a not a special packaging for this line however all of the color products are imprinted with a snake pattern, this could fall into products that are too pretty to use but I still love this pattern...

Year of the Snake!

Year of the Snake Large Eye Shadow - Highly pigmented powder with Year of the Snake pattern. Shades in striking contrasts of metallic vanilla, copper, deep frosted blue-purple and intense black. Applies evenly, blends well. Limited edition.
- Once Upon a Time- metallic vanilla
- Aztec Brick - frosted true copper
- Altered State - deep frosted blue purple
- Carbon - intense black

Year of the Snake Pigment - Highly concentrated, loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting.
- Brash and Bold - bright magenta
- Push the Edge - deep bright purple with pearl

Zoom Lash Mascara - Major drama. Lasts all day. Creamy, velvety formula builds density and conditions. Feels light, supple. Ultra-sculpted brush has three-sided fibres to embrace and separate each lash, hugging every curve. Coats in one stroke from root to tip. No smudging.
- Zoomblack - rich black

Powerpoint Eye Pencil - Waterproof. Longwearing. Metallic, shimmer and matte finishes. Smooth to apply. Won't transfer, smudge, or budge... Draws the line: powers your eyes. Makes its point. Lasts.
- Engraved - rich black

Year of the Snake Lipstick - Colour plus texture for the lips. Three shades - Freckletone, Cockney and Plumful, each in a lustre finish. Exclusive Year of the Snake design embossed on Lipstick. Limited-edition packaging.
- Freckletone - neutral peach
- Plumful - blossoming rose-plum
- Cockney - sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl

Year of the Snake Beauty Powder - Apply as a highlight, soft blush or overall finish. Delicately tinted in a pale peach with gold pearl. Year of the Snake pattern embossed in the Powder. Limited edition.
- Shell Pearl - pale peach with gold pearl

I love these Lipsticks, the pattern is so pretty and I love the shades that have the Lustre.  One of my favorite reds from MAC is Ladybug, a sheer red with a Lustre finish.  I wear Ladybug at least once a week which is much more than I wear any other red shade and I now must add Cockney to my red lipstick line up.  This will be one of the few reds that I will be able to use several times a week. 

The Eye Shadow also has me very excited, I love that the size is much larger than the traditional Eye Shadows and there are some great shades here.  My favorite is the bronze shade, Aztec Brick.  This is one of the few shades that I would wear enough to warrant having a larger-than-normal size of it.  Once Upon a Time is another great shade from this line, this shade would be used mainly as a highlighter for me, but this makes the large size even better since this is the type of shade that I would go through the fastest.  I love these shades in the larger size and I am so excited that MAC decided to change the size for this collection.

I do wish that this collection would have been slightly larger, Nail Lacquers in these Lipstick shades would be lovely and I know that they would sell well too.  I also would have liked to see a pink or rose shade in the Beauty Powder, this shade is too warm and will not be flattering on me.

Onto Archie's Girls!

photo courtesy of MAC

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