Thursday, January 17, 2013

Illamasqua Valentine's Day 2013 Collection - Broken Heart

Earlier this week, Illamasqua introduced their annual Valentine's Day collection and the bloggers and members of Makeup Alley instantly went crazy.  This collection includes the previously limited edition Nail Varnish shade called Raindrops.  This polish must have come out and become a cult classic before I was interested in this product line since I know that I would have remembered this polish shade.  This collection just came out the other day and this Nail Varnish shade is already sold out on the Illamasqua website and I don't even see it on the Sephora website so I will be stalking the company's website to see when this product comes back in stock.

Each year, Illamasqua puts out a small Valentine's Day collection of makeup shades, this year the collection is called Broken Heart and I think that this will be my favorite of the Valentine's Day-themed products this year.  Being single really annoys me around this holiday even though it rarely does any other time of the year and I am more than happy to buy products that are not pro-Valentine's Day.  This is one of the only companies that will create a non-happy collection for this time of the year and I can see every single piece of it following in the footsteps of Raindrops and selling out very quickly.

"Console a broken heart this Valentine's Day.  A capsule collection of perfect muted pastels including the much anticipated return of Nail Varnish in Raindrops, loved and cherished by bloggers the world over.", is the description of the collection on the Illamasqua website.  Raindrops seems to be the hero product of this Valentine's Day collection and I will now be visiting the Illamasqua website a lot to try and find it.  I have not seen any piece of this collection on the Sephora website so I doubt that it will be coming out anywhere in the United States and I will need to order it from England.

Here is the Broken Heart collection!

Cream Blusher - Tease, hypnotise, use to effect. Use Cream Blusher to highlight your cheekbones, shape your face, build and blend with fingers or a brush to create the colour intensity you desire. Use over foundation for impact, or under for a captivating glow. However you apply it, be daring.
- Rude - warm peach pink with a dewy finish

Lipstick - Let your lips speak volumes. Indulge in colour-intense lipstick with a highly pigmented formula, available in a choice of flawless finishes, from creamy matt to iridescent finishes. Illamasqua Lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn't give up without a fight for the perfect all-night pout. A must have for professional make-up artists, and those who want to make a statement.
- Sonnet - cool peachy nude with a matte finish

Nail Varnish - A spectrum of bold shades with a range of finishes including matt, rubber and high-gloss. Award-winning, extremely hardwearing and chip-resistant, there's an Illamasqua Nail Varnish for every shade of humanity. Apply two coats for intensity and use with Illamasqua Nail Base Coat and Illamasqua Nail Top Coat for the perfect finish.
- Raindrops - sheer light gray with a jelly finish

Intense Lipgloss - Come out of the shadows with high-shine, colour-rich Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in a wide range of bold colours. Create lips that look full and glossy, without feeling sticky with this "liquid lipstick". Draw attention to your lips, and to you.
- Move - mauved rose pink

False Eye Lashes No 21 - For after-dark drama at its most daring. Illamasqua False Eye Lashes are handmade and available in a range of styles and colours to create different impacts – from the stunning and dramatic to the romantic and sensual. Apply using the latex-free glue provided and combine with Illamasqua eye colours for eyes that hypnotize.

Broken Heart Collection - onsole a broken heart this Valentine's Day. A capsule collection of perfect muted pastels including the much anticipated return of Nail Varnish in Raindrops, loved and cherished by bloggers the world over.

I guess that I don't need to tell you guys again how much I must have a bottle of Raindrops, I love using silvers and grays as neutrals and this looks like it will just be the perfect polish shade for me.  I am even considering ordering two bottles of this polish since I know that I will use this one all the time and I will go through a bottle really quickly.  I have never bought two bottles of the same shade at once before becuase my nail polish collection is so large already but this polish shade is very special and I can see why it is selling out so quickly. 

The Intense Lipgloss is the other product that I really have my eye on from this collection.  I have never used the Intense Lipgloss formula before, the Sheer Lipgloss that I own has more pigment in than many other brands do and it appears like the Intense formula is more like a liquid lipstick than a gloss.  This shade is a neutral pink rose and will work so well on my skin tone and i will wear it now and then into the spring months.  I am so excited for these two products!

Broken Heart is my favorite of the Valentine's Day collections and Raindrops will join MAC's Candy Yum Yum in the products that I will continue to chase down for the next few months!

photo courtesy of Illamasqua

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