Sunday, March 24, 2013

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy

The new fragrances for spring are coming out very quickly right now and I have been adding tons of perfume samples to each of my Sephora website orders so that I can start trying them all out and decide what ones I will want to order in the coming weeks.  I decided that I wanted to buy several new fragrances when my tax return comes in and I have decided that I want to add a new Bond NYC fragrance to my line up but I will want to buy more than one fragrance these season so I am trying every single sample that I can order.  The one that I have been using over the past two days is a new fragrance from fashion designer Anna Sui. 

I remember first reading about Anna Sui and her designs many years ago when I read Seventeen Magazine and she was considered up and coming talent and was featured in their magazine for several years in a row.  After a few years, there was next to nothing about her in any magazine that I read and I thought that her clothing and beauty product lines were no longer.  I hadn't heard anything from her or about her in years before I suddenly saw her fragrances listed on the Sephora website at the very beginning of this month.  I still have no idea where her items came from or what she has been doing over the past few years and I want to try her new fragrances out this spring.

The first fragrance that I have tried from this "new" line is Flight of Fancy, this is the one that Sephora seems to be marketing the most and was only one that they had samples of.  This was not quite the fragrance for me so I am hoping that the other three that Sephora offers are better for me.  This isn't a bad fragrance but it is not very unique and doesn't last long enough on my skin.

" Fashion designer Anna Sui’s Flight of Fancy is about the allure of exploration and the thrill of discovery.  There is a time of transformation in a woman’s life when she sets out on a glorious adventure to discover herself. A time when she knows, instinctively, that she will change. And so, she opens her heart to every enticing possibility, every Flight of Fancy.  Radiant and embracing, luscious and young, the floral-fresh fragrance leads to a dream world where blossoms sparkle in the sun. Sweet lychee is transparent and spellbinding, while delicate freesia evokes a sense of fresh, clean air and warm, sunny days. A combination of smooth woods and musky notes capture the sensual tranquility of this fragrance."

The notes of the fragrance are as follows: Lychee, Java Lemon, Yuzu, Rose Blossom, Star Magnolia, Purple Rain Freesia, Amber Crystals, Skin Musk, White Woods.
This fragrance starts out heavy on the Lemon and Lychee notes and then goes more into the Star Magnolia and Freesia.  After the floral notes develops, it disappears about an hour later and I had to reapply it several times a day to keep the fragrance alive.  This fragrance actually smells exactly like Bath and Body Works Country Chic fragrance however it doesn't even last half as long on me.  This fragrance might appeal to a lady who likes a light fragrance or is sensitive to fragrances and doesn't want something strong to wear.  This fragrance has appeal to many ladies, citrus and floral blends are very popular and easy to wear in many environments.  This is not a fragrance that I would ever wear because it is too generic and it doesn't last at all.  I was very disappointed with this fragrance and I hope that the others from Anna Sui are quite different...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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