Saturday, March 16, 2013

MAC Opulash Mascara

The last time that I went mascara shopping I decided that I was going to try a different brand and I starting shopping for a formula at the MAC counter.  I know what each of you are thinking..."Has she never used a MAC mascara formula before?  MAC is one of her favorite brands!".  I had often looked at MAC mascaras but I had always passed these formulas over for the limited edition collections and tons of lipsticks and lip gloss shades.  So this time around, I decided to try the slightly less glamorous era of the MAC counter and check out some new formulas.  I will admit that I was originally attracted to the Archie's Girls packaging of this mascara that the counter had displayed.  I forced myself to look past the super cute packaging and ask the MAC artist what her favorite products for eyes were.  Opulash is the mascara that she recommended and this is the tube that I purchased that night (she recommended a few other products and I ended up leaving with a full bag of products but that is beside the point).

This was recommended to me as a volumizing mascara and I have been using it for a few days now and I must say that I do agree.  This mascara gives me huge lashes and is very similar to Benefit's BadGal Lash and Diorshow Iconic.  I am very happy that I have another mascara formula that I can rely on for great lashes.

"Superlative style & state-of-the-art science merge. A new formula in a more saturated intense black with extra-volumization, expansion & curl delivered dramatically with our most bodacious brush yet. Lasts 15 hours!"

This formula is available in two shades: a deep blue and a black.  Of course, I bought the black shade since that is the only mascara hue that I ever use.  It is true black, it is very deep and rich and the color saturates the lashes with only one coat.

The MAC associate told me that this is one of the thinner mascara formulas and allows the user to build volume with multiple coats and no clumping.  I am never satisfied with just one coat of mascara and need one that lets me build volume and drama.  I hate volumizing mascara where the formula is so thick that I can't build coats and then get all the small lashes that I miss with the first application, I am very picky about mascara formulas and textures and this one has passed all my tests so far.  I can't say that this the best mascara that I have ever used, I have gotten slightly better results from Diorshow Iconic but this is a very solid volumizing formula and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it again. 

I need two coats of this mascara to get the big lashes that I crave, one coat will volumize lashes but it is not enough for me (it would be enough for normal mascara users).  The huge brush used with this formula makes getting the smaller corner lashes a bit harder but I have gotten great results from only using the tip to grab these lashes.  I have not any issues with clumping, smudging, or flaking and that makes me really excited since I can put this product on in the morning and then it lasts until I take it off at night and I don't need to clean it up throughout the day. 

This mascara is very easy to remove at night with the use of a separate eye makeup remover, I rarely have any excess product under my eyes after removal and I am very happy with this aspect. 

Opulash is a very solid volumizing formula, it is not my favorite but it works very well and delivers on its promises.  I love how it stays in place and it is easy to build the needed volume.  I would love to see this formula is more of the limited edition packaging and I know that I would buy a tube of it right along with the rest of the products.

photo courtesy of MAC

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