Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Raspberry Body Products

Bath and Body Works has put out some great collections so far this spring, Fresh Picked contains some of the best fragrances that I have seen in years from this company and I love the direction that they appear to be going in.  White I have been raving over Fresh Picked for the past month, I have been quietly collecting and loving one of the new lines in the True Blue Spa collection.  Ever since college, True Blue Spa has contained some of the best quality products in the store and I have been using many of these products for years now.  Needless to say, anytime that I hear about new products in this line, I immediately get interested and a purchase (or two) is the result.

I was really excited to see that the Mango Butter line came back from Spa, I was obsessed with this line last year and now I have the chance to pick up some more of it before I run out.  With the Mango line, the company introduced a line of Raspberry products.  I typically hate the scent of raspberry, Sun Ripened Raspberry still makes me gag and I have never found a true raspberry scent that I enjoy and that works with my body chemistry.  I wasn't impressed the first time that I saw this line.  However after trying and smelling the products, it quickly became evident that this is not just a raspberry scent but a combination of raspberry and mojtio.  The mojito scent in the mix makes all the difference because I utterly love these body products.  The combination makes it less sweet and more wearable than just the berry and great for the spring and summer months.  Now I have another True Blue Spa product obsession...

There are four products in the Raspberry line and I bought all four of them already.  There is a Body Wash, a Cream Gel moisturizer, a Scrub, and a Bar Soap (just like the Mango one!!).

Raspberry Yogurt Shower Smoothie - Our creamy yogurt-enriched shower gel is a skin nourishing body cocktail that cleanses and replenishes skin with Vitamin E and nutrient-rich raspberries.  Raspberry Extract and antioxidant Vitamin E provide nourishment to skin.  Rich & creamy formula provides abundant lather.  Juicy & effervescent raspberry fragrance smells just like an exotic raspberry cocktail.  Not tested on animals.

Raspberry Mojito Cream Gel - Replenish parched skin with a healthy shot of antioxidant-rich raspberry, Jojoba oil and Vitamin C! Our ultra-moisturizing formula leaves skin feeling soft, satiny and fragranced with an exotic fruit cocktail to remind you it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!  Exotic Jojoba Oil adds moisture to skin as it pampers.  Lightweight, moisturizing cream gel absorbs easily and replenishes tired, dry skin.  Juicy & effervescent fragrance smells just like a refreshing raspberry mojito.  Not tested on animals.

Raspberry Margarita Body Scrub - Celebrate happy hour as you scrub your way to soft skin! Sugar exfoliates white antioxidants, Vitamin C, raspberry extract and moisturizing oils take you away on a tropical getaway!  Sugar exfoliates to sweeten your spa experience while antioxidant Vitamin C, raspberry extract and an exotic blend of moisturizing oils provide pampering nourishment.  Intensely exfoliating formula reveals instantly smoother skin.  Juicy & effervescent raspberry fragrance smells just like an exotic raspberry cocktail.  Not tested on animals.

Raspberry Nourishing Body Bar - It's superfood for your skin! Smooth, soften and cleanse from head-to-toe with body bar's rich lather bursting with a fresh n' fruity fragrance! Replenishes vital nutrients with vitamin rich raspberry extract.  Replenishing Glycerin and vitamin-rich raspberry extract attract moisture to skin.  Juicy and effervescent raspberry fragrance.  Not tested on animals.

Yes I have bought all of these products so far and I can't wait until I have the room in my shower to break them out.  The Cream Gel product is the most unique, it feels like jelly and absorbs in very quickly and instantly leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.  It is a really interesting product and will appeal to those who don't like the feel of a traditional lotion or cream.  My second favorite product is the scrub, it is less oily than most scrubs and is really abrasive (without be overboard) and it will get all the dead skin off before self tanning or for the rough dry patches that I get at the end of winter. 

The last thing that I needed was yet another reason to collect True Blue Spa but I found it in the Raspberry line and now my shower will be smelling like sweet mojitos!

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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Anonymous said...

do you know the ingredient list for the shower smoothie and the gel, if either contain sodium laurel sulfate or similar things to it?