Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Last month, Dior announced that they would be releasing a new version of the best selling Diorshow Iconic Mascara, adding yet another selection to their award-winning mascara line.  Right after the announcement occured, Sephora was offering this mascara as a Beauty Insider sample for a very limited amount of time, I ordered mine right after I got the email from Sephora and I believe that it pretty much sold out right after that.  I have been using my sample for about three weeks now and I am much looking forward to the product itself coming out and then being able to order a full size tube.  The sample tube will be finished in less than two weeks and I hope that I can hold out until the full size is available.  I was so excited when I got this sample in the mail and I hope that Sephora continues this trend so that I can try really exciting products before they release. 

The original version of Diorshow Iconic is a favorite mascara of mine, it gives huge volume and fully separates lashes, creating a very attractive fan of full lashes.  I couldn't find any faults with the original version and I have been in love with it for several years now and then when I heard about the new version, I got even more excited to see if this version could actually improve on the original!

"A revolutionary mascara with a curved brush that offers spectacular volume and curling power.  Create glamorously curled lashes day after day. Inspired by professional curling irons, the curved brush styles every lash from bottom to top. High-precision ingredients provide intense definition and hold without clumping or smudging. Creating instant oversized volume and curl, this evolutionary formula nourishes your lashes with a unique lipid complex that strengthens and smoothes for long-lasting vitality."

"Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara embodies a host of key technologies. Its K-Polymer Formula combines lifting, coating, and fixing polymers for instantly dramatic curves and long-lasting wear. Its waxes and oils offer a volumizing complex that boosts adherence, coverage, and smoothing for a dramatic lift. A lipid complex of abyssinv oil and pseudo-ceramid strengthens lashes to prevent breakage, while plant nectar boosts the development of keratin, reinforcing lashes.  An instrumental study that used before-and-after photos to measure lashes upon makeup application found the following increases: +53% in volume and +111% in curl.  In clinical studies on 31 subjects observing naked lashes after four weeks of daily application found the following increases: +31% in volume and +33% in curl."

I feel like I need to say this yet again...mascara is not made to curl the lashes by itself, it can help to hold the curl or make the lashes more bendable to curling after the mascara application.  I did use a separate lash curler with this product and I could see huge different in lahses from before I curled them and then applied the product.

This mascara line is touted as one of the best volumizing formulas on the market and I absolutely agree.  The new version of Diorshow Iconic does not disappoint and will be another great addition to the Dior mascara line up.  One coat of this mascara is perfect for the daytime work environment or night class but I have used two coats when I am getting dressed up or want a bit more drama for the nighttime.  This mascara delivers extreme colume and I loved how much my lash volume grew, this is one of the best volumizing formulas that I have ever used.  This mascara keeps the curl in my lashes longer and better than many other formulas and therefore I do really like the aspect of this product that claims to hold the curl better than the original.  I love how this formula holds the curl all day long and my lashes don't start drooping within a few hours of application.  In addition to all the above attributes, this formula lasts all day long and doesn't flake off throughout the day.

I actually have no drawbacks for this formula, even the removal of the product is very easy (when using eye makeup remover) and this is rare for a mascara formula.  I am reading the clinical trial results as though the formula provides a long term effect and the results will actually be an improvment in the bare lashes but I am not quite sure if I am reading this correctly.  Did I notice a huge improvment in my bare lashes?  No I can't say that I have but I didn't take before and after pictures during my using of this product.  I can state that my lashes are not breaking as much with this formula as I have noticed with other formulas.  Also I haven't seen as many lashes falling out with the use of this formula, there were no bald patches in my lash line (thank God!) and I guess that my lash line has improved and become more healthy in this respect. 

I really do love this mascara formula and I will be using my sample until I can get no more product out of the tube.  By then I am hoping that the full size tube will be out and I can order myself a full size tube.  This is another great addition to the Diorshow Mascara line up and it makes me love this company even more!!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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