Monday, March 11, 2013

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Mango Butter Nourishing Body Bar

Many of you will remember that I went crazy for the Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Mango Butter products last summer and after I bought all of them, they were discontinued and then I couldn't replace any of my favorites.  Well I am very happy to see that they must have been seasonal since they are now all back on the shelves and ready for me to go shopping!  I have already picked up another Body Butter and another Bar Soap to put away for the summer months.  I then realized that I had never reviewed the Bar Soap on this blog, as the product was unavailable by the time that I got around to using the soap early last winter.  Which was sad because I really loved this product and I have already opened up my new bar and am deciding if I should pick up yet a few more to satisfy my obsession with these products...

Bath and Body Works really only carries bar soaps in their Spa line, a line of high quality product that always perform well (I loved this line back from when I first worked there in college and still do).  The Mango line of products is a favorite of mine, I have loved the scent of mango for years and I have used the Mango line from The Body Shop for years now.  I am really excited that I now have two whole body product lines to choose from!

"Mucho mango! This rich, nourishing body bar with abundant lather gently cleanses skin while lavishly moisturizing with tropical Mango Butter.  With richly replenishing Mango Butter and Glycerin.  Fresh and juicy mango butter fragrance.", states the Bath and Body Works website in a description of the product.

The first aspect that I noticed of this product was that the fragrance filled the whole bathroom as soon as I took the wrapper off the product.  For the rest of the day, every single time that I walked by the bathroom, I could smell the lovely mango scent coming out at me.  The only other soap that I have had the same from is the LUSH Rockstar soap (my absolute favorite soap ever!) and I was instantly in love with the product.  The soap lost its scent a little bit over the four weeks that I used it but i could still smell it every single time that I went into the bathroom. 

This soap is a very creamy formula and I really recommend it for drier skin types, my skin is very dry and will remain so until the beginning of May.  The product produces a very rich and creamy lather while still rinsing clean and not leaving a film on the skin.  I was very impressed with the rich lather created by this soap but I must say that I was even happier when I got out of the shower and my skin wasn't as dry as it normally is.  This bar soap didn't solve my dry skin (not that a bar soap ever really could) but it didn't strip my skin and leaves it feeling better than many liquid shower gel formulas do.  I would recommend this for anyone with dry skin or skin that can be easily irritated in the cold weather months.  This one bar lasted about 5 weeks for me, it is large and dense bar that didn't disappear with the addition of warm water.

I love this bar soap and I really hope that this line will stay around longer this time, I would love to see the Mango Butter product line be available all year but if it isn't, I know that I will buy a bunch of these in the next few months!

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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