Thursday, March 14, 2013

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Extra Mild

It seems like winter is never going to leave us this year and I am having to use winter products for much longer than I have in the past few years.  This is normally the time of the year when I am beginning to look for lighter face lotions and SPF products but I just made a Sephora order for a thick night cream and a hydrating face serum.  In addition to looking for lighter face lotions, this is also the time of the year when I begin to shop around for a foaming face wash instead of the cream formulas that I use all winter long but the same logic is holding for this type of product and I have been using my new bottle of Clinique Liquid Facial Soap for the last week and will be using it well into the spring.  Liquid Facial Soap is one of those products that Clinique has had out for years now but I had just never tried it and never realized that there were forms for all skin types.

I first though that Liquid Facial Soap was a product geared more for normal to oily skin types but that was when I didn't know that there is more than one version of the product.  I realized that this might be a good product for me to try when I was playing around on the Clinique website earlier this winter and found that this product actually comes in three forms, one of which is designed just for dry and easily irritated skin.  Just like mine...

"A non-drying liquid soap that cleanses gently and thoroughly.  Clinically formulated cleansing—that's how great skin starts. Dermatologist-developed Facial Soap maintains protective lipids and loosens surface flakes to leave skin clean, comfortable, and refreshed—never taut or dry. It rinses away easily and prepares skin perfectly for the exfoliating action of Clarifying Lotion.  A convenient pump dispenser provides just the right amount of product."  I have never used the Clarifying Lotion after this product but I must say that I really like this face cleanser!

I  bought the Extra Mild version of this product, that this is wash that is recommended for sensitive and dry skin.  Instead of the traditional gel formula, this version is a light creamy wash with a texture that I have been loving the past few days.  This wash is very similar to most other cream texture face washes, it doesn't foam up at all and doesn't leave skin feeling dry and stripped after rinsing.  I have used many creamy washes and they are really one of my favorite beauty products and will remain so.  This product is very clean rinsing and actually has the ability to get all of my face makeup off, I do not try and get any of my eye makeup off with this product.  I have never found that a face wash can get eye makeup off correctly and usually it just makes my skin worse than the use of a separate product.  Some formulas of creamy face washes cannot get my makeup off and then I feel that I should be using a separate toner to get the residue off and this would be the worst idea for my skin.  I am happy to report that I have not had any issues with makeup residue since I have started using this product, a real plus in my book.

In addition to the formula itself, I really like that this product is housed in a pump bottle.  I don't have to guess what is the correct amount to use on my face, one pump is all that I need.  I have found that I have had judgement issues with some cream cleansers in the past, with the fact that they do not foam, it is harder than normal to figure out what is the best amount of cover my whole face without wasting product.  No issues here, this style of bottle is completely idiot proof and I thank Clinique for that very much. 

I have been having a good run with skincare lately, my last few purchases have all been great and my has been looking much better over the past few months.  I am glad that I tried this product and that I investigated all the formulas that are available of it.  Clinique has been good to me lately with skincare but now I think that I need some more color products from this brand!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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