Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OPI Spring Collection 2013 - Euro Centrale

Euro Centrale is the big spring collection from OPI, I have been hearing hints of this collection since the very beginning of winter and I am so excited that it is finally here for me to buy.  This collection contains a series of limited edition polishes, all of which were inspired by the major cities and landmarks in the European Union.  I loved the Holland collection from last spring and I am even more excited for this spring's collection!  This collection contains a wide variety of polish shades and many of them are not the traditional "spring" types of shades, when I looked at the collection on the cover of the newest catalogue from Ulta, I see some shades that I will wear now and then some that I will be saving until the start of the cooler weather.  I also see that there are a variety of finishes available in this line up, I see creams and shimmers and then one glitter finish too.  What a variety to choose from!

OPI is one of the best selling polish lines on the market today and therefore I know that many of these shades will sell out very quickly but I must say that OPI does a great job in getting that shades restocked in a timely fashion and therefore everyone will be able to get all the shades that they love.  I already see several that I will really want and I need to go to Ulta very soon.

We will start with the lighter shades since these would be the ones that I would purchase first and start using now.  My Vampire is Buff is the lightest of the shades and this is a pale neutral nude that will be great alone or when used as a base hue for nail designs.  This is one of the shades that I have seen the most of in magazines (as it is so versatile) and this is one of the shades that I really want to buy.  I will be able to paint my nails with this one day and then not have to touch them up for the rest of the work week, I love shades that give me this much freedom.  The next shade that is part of the lighter hues is You're Such a BudaPest and this is my early favorite of the collection, this is a pale periwinkle hue that can shine lilac in certain lights.  I must have this shade since I love it and I own nothing like it in my collection right now.  This one is going right to the top of my shopping list.

Now we are going to go onto the part of the collection that contains the brighter and deeper hues, this is the much larger part of the collection and almost makes the collection seem more appropriate for the fall months.  There are two reds in this collection, My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours! and  Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!.  My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours! is an orange red with a bright cream jelly finish, I cannot stand this shade and these never look good on me.  Even though I bet that it will sell quickly, I will be passing on this shade in the first round.  Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! is a bright pink red, in some pictures this shade looks very red but in others it looks like a bright warm pink.  In either case, it is too warm for me so I will also be passing over this shade.  The next bright is Don't Touch My Czechbook, this is a bright blue with a slight hint of aqua in it.  I love this shade and it will be on my list for the first round of shopping, this will be shade that I wear all spring and summer. 

The darker shades will be the last part of the shade collection.  A Women's Prague-ative is a deep copper foil, this shade just screams "fall" and this would be one that I would put away for later on this year.  I like shades like these but I don't always love them, I would consider buying it later on and seeing if I still like it as much.  Hands Off My Kielbasa! is a deep rose gold shimmer, normally I love rose gold shades but this one is just too warm for me, I was very disappointed when I saw more pictures of it online.  This shade will not be flattering on me and I will be skipping over it.  We are now at the deep jewel tones in this collection, there are two navys and a deep purple.  Eurso Eurso is my favorite, this is a deep cool navy cream and I must add this one to my collection.  I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw is another deep navy cream, this one seems to have bit of a green tinge to it, it is different that Eurso Eurso, I prefer the former rather than the latter.  OY-Another Polish Joke! is a medium gold tone with lots of shimmer in it, I like this shade but I would need to see how warm it is before I would purchase it.  This shade could be really flattering or really awful on me and I want to hold the bottle up to my hands first.  Vant To Bite My Neck? is the last of the polish shades, this is a deep black purple with a bit of shimmer in, I had high hopes for this color but I find to be to be a bit on the flat side, I prefer Baptiste from Illamasqua if I am going to wear a deep purple hue. 

Polka.com is the only glitter shade in this collection, this shade contains a clear base with red, blue, and purple pieces of glitter suspended in it.  This shade would work equally well on its own or over another shade.  I would love to see this shade over You're Such a BudaPest! and Eurso Eurso, this will be lovely over blue shades!

My first round of shopping will include the following shades: You're Such a BudaPest!, My Vampire is Buff, Can't Find My Czechbook, and Eurso Eurso.  My second round will likely include the Polka.com shade and then any others that I think would work well on my skin tone.  This collection has some stunners for me but a few shades that I would be able to easily live without.  I don't know that I find any of the shades very unique but I know that I would get lots of use from any of the shades that I buy!

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