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Skincare Ingredients Week Day Seven - Korres Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum

Today we one the last day of my Skincare Ingredients Theme Week, yesterday we looked at what might be one of my new favorite ingredients and today I have saved my favorite ingredient ever for the last day of the week.  I have loved Rose in all forms; skincare, perfume, and body products.  I have used rose in every single form that it is available in and I am also burning a rose candle made for me by a friend while I type this, I love rose fragrances and I also enjoy reaping the beneficial ingredients to the skin.  Rose is one of the oldest ingredients and one of the best soothing and hydrating ingredients that can be used in skincare, I need as much as soothing and hydrating as possible so I am all about roses.

Korres has one of the most popular wild rose skincare product lines and the company also provides lots of information about this ingredient on the Sephora website so I am just going to pull all my information from here rather than searching on botany and chemistry website as I was doing for entries earlier this week.  "Whether you covet long-lasting hydration, skin-perfecting makeup, or an intensive treatment product, Korres' Wild Rose Collection offers a complete regimen designed to brighten, revitalize, and protect your skin. As with all Korres' natural skincare and color products, the Wild Rose collection is formulated to achieve maximum, long-lasting results using highly effective, natural extracts. What you won't find: harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. What you will find: skin-friendly products loaded with wild rose oil. Rich in vitamin C, wild rose oil offers potent antioxidant protection and also works to fight fine lines and hyperpigmentation. It can even assist in cell regeneration and in improving skin texture. End result? Gorgeous skin with a natural glow."

To reap all the benefits of wild rose, I decided to purchase the serum that is packed full of this ingredient.  I have used the moisturizer in the past and loved it so I am more than happy to order more items from Korres.  "Rich in wild rose oil, Wild Rose skincare formulas form a protective barrier on the epidermis that improves the texture of the skin and, more importantly, allow cells to regenerate. That’s great news for those with fine lines and wrinkles; dark under-eye circles; a dull, uneven skintone; and hyperpigmentation.  An ultra-concentrated vitamin C face and eye serum that is clinically proven to brighten skin, smooth the look of fine lines, and improve skin texture.  Brighten skin, smooth fine lines, and even the skin texture with this potent natural serum. Ultra-concentrated vitamin C found in wild rose helps to repair skin discolorations while boosting skin’s brightness and radiance. Baobab tree extract, in combination with a wheat proteins agent, provides an instant firming and line-smoothing effect and has been clinically proven to considerably reduce the number, depth, and length of wrinkles. "

A few lab results from the testing phase...

Clinically proven results after 60 days:
- 100% of women showed improved skin brightness and radiance
- 100% of women showed improved skin smoothness

This serum is best when used twice a day, I started out with one usage a day and after two weeks, I saw absolutely no results.  I decided to change up my routine and begin using it both morning and night.  After two weeks using it in this method, I got much better results so I guess sometimes it pays to actually read the directions.  The serum has a thicker texture than most, I would say that this serum is best for normal to dry and sensitive skin types.  It absorbs in quickly and my skin seemed to simply love the texture of this serum. 

This serum mostly hydrated and brighten my complexion, it has Vitamin C in it to enhance the wild rose extract but I didn't reap any of the anti-aging benefits since I have no visible signs of aging.  My overall complexion looks much better than it did before and I would purchase another tube of this without hesitation, I know that I will buy another bottle of this before winter comes around next week since this is the time of the year when my skin gets really ugly.  I will also be ordering more from the Wild Rose collection over the next few months.

Well Skincare Ingredients Theme Week has ended and I hope that I have given you some new products to try and ingredients to look for.  Feel free to add any comments about your favorite products with these ingredients in and I will look for them.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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