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Chanel Summer 2013 Collection - L'Ete Papillon de Chanel

The summer collections are now beginning to trickle out and we will start looking at them in the next few days.  I expect that a few will come out early and then by the middle of next month, they will all be out in full force and we will have our pick of items to look at each day.  So far, I have only seen a handful of summer collections releasing but it is on the earlier side of the season, I am not yet ready for summer yet since I still have a good month of shopping for spring items yet.  Starting summer collections this early will give me some ideas of what I must own for the summer and to determine how fast I think that they will sell out and what my priorities are for shopping the next few weeks.  The Sephora Friends and Family will begin in the middle of April and I am also getting a shopping list ready for what I want to order during this event.  I think that my credit cards might be crying by the end of April...

The first summer collection that I have seen released is also one of the ones that I am the most excited about, Chanel always releases their seasonal collections on the early side of the season and often their collection will set the tone for the rest of the season.  The new collection is named L'Ete Papillon de Chanel, which translate out to the Butterfly Summer of Chanel.  I am envisioning a very colorful collection that contains great shades for every single facial feature.  I have been seeing hints of bright shades being very popular for summer and all kinds of bright blue eye makeup.  Bright blue eye makeup is not my cup of tea so this might be more of a season of me going for neutral eyes and bright lips and nails but we will see what all comes out in the next few months...

"The dazzling colours of butterflies inspire a joyful look for face and fingertips with the enchanting Summer collection. Lashes flutter in electric shades of mascara and eyelids are adorned with gleaming colours. Nails and lips complete the effect with shades of sunlit brilliance.", states the Chanel website when describing the overall collection.  I am so excited to see what colors are int he collection and what items I will be coveting for the next few weeks!

Here is the newest collection from Chanel!

Les 4 Ombres - One essential compact offers unlimited eye looks, with shade combinations that range from matte to satin to shimmer. Versatile smudge-proof formula can be applied dry for subtle shading, or dampened for more intense colour, all with long-wearing results -- in even extreme climates. Dermatologist tested.
- 44 Metamorphose - cool dusty aqua/cool slate gray/cool shimmering white/deep navy

Stylo Yeux Waterproof - Waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner delivers long-lasting definition with a twist of the wrist: Colour winds up when you need it, winds down when you don't. Gentle, soft, silicone-enriched formula delivers smooth, even lining. A built-in sharpener at the opposite end detaches for quick refreshes.
- 57 True Blue - robin's egg blue

Stylo Eye Shadow - A smooth-gliding pen applicator delivers a new lightweight, long-wear shadow that highlights eyes with gleaming colour. A cooling, water-infused formula creates a shimmering veil on lids—or precisely lines the eyes with perfect definition. An exclusive creation from the L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON DE CHANEL Collection.
- 07 Moon River - medium neutral taupe
- 17 Cool Gold - medium true gold with gold shimmer
- 27 Pink Lagoon - medium cool blue pink
- 37 Jade Shore - medium cool medium jade green
- 47 Blue Bay - medium slate blue
- 57 Black Stream - true black

Inimitable Waterproof Mascara - The mascara that delivers it all -- volume, length, curl and precise separation -- in a long-wearing, waterproof formula that won't flake or smudge. Pro-Vitamin B5 hydrates and conditions lashes to keep them supple and healthy-looking. A unique brush design provides perfect definition of lashes, even the finest.
- 47 Aqua Blue - bright aqua
- 57 Blue Note - navy blue
- 37 Lime Light - bright lime green
- 27 Zest - bright gold

Rouge Coco Shine - The next chapter in the brilliant ROUGE COCO SHINE story: ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Colour Lipshine, an innovative formula with intensified pigments to take colour and sheen to a new level of vibrancy. Sheer, shiny, colour-rich shades are effortlessly chic, infinitely wearable. Hydratendre Complex softens and plumps lips for a healthier, fuller appearance.
- 467 Pygmalion - deep magenta pink cream
- 457 Idylle - warm medium beige cream

Levres Scintillantes - Gorgeous shimmer and a high-shine glow is delivered effortlessly to lips with just one stroke of this best-selling lip gloss. A wide range of shades, from sheer and natural to sparkling and rich, look beautiful on their own, or over your favorite CHANEL lipstick. Equally beautiful: the conditioning formula's comfort and long wear.
- 377 Zephyr - sheer sparkling peach
- 427 Envolee - sheer sparkling light coral
- 437 Eden - sheer magenta cream

Le Vernis - Classic and trend-defining shades from the runways of Paris. State-of-the-art formula strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers long-wearing, high-shine, chip-resistant colour. Applies evenly without streaking.  All Chanel nail products are formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free.
- Lilis - deep warm coral cream
- Azure - medium aqua shimmer
- Bel-Argus - medium denim blue shimmer

I love this collection and this one starts off my summer beauty product shopping on the right foot!  I still have some spring shopping yet to do but this collection motivates me to get the spring shopping finished within the next two weeks and then to begin summer makeup shopping.  I am now beginning to think about my summer look...bronze skin with bright lips and nails and then perhaps mixing in a bright eye makeup look or two.  I think that this summer will be very much about lips and nails for me and that my lip gloss and lipstick collection will really be growing over the next few months...

My favorite pieces of this collection are from the lip and nail products.  My favorite piece of this collection is the Le Vernis in Azure, I love this shimmering aqua nail polish and I will be wearing this shade all summer long.  I have a feeling that this one will be selling out very quickly and I will need to visit the counter soon and if it is available yet.  I wouldn't mind purchasing the Bel-Argus shade too but I don't need it the way that I need Azure.  The next pieces on my shopping list come from the new lip shades, I want items from both of the formulas that are in this collection.  From Le Rouge Coco, I love the deep magenta pink shade (Pygmalion) and the similar shade in the lip gloss (Eden), these will work well for me throughout the year and I could start wearing them as soon as I buy them!

The eye makeup isn't as good for me as the rest of the season...Le 4 Ombres does not appeal to me at all, I don't really wear navy shades and therefore will not be purchasing this palette.  The single eye shadows have a bit more appeal to me, I want the gold and taupe shades and will wear them with the bright lip shades that I want from this collection.  I am very on the fence about the colored mascaras in this collection, I am very interested in the gold mascara but really do wonder how it will look on the lashes and if I could pull it off.  This is one that I will need to see pictures of people wearing it and then make a further decision, perhaps I will be wrong but I am not seeing this work for me at all.

Summer collections are beginning and Chanel is leading the pack!  I am very excited to see what else is coming out in the next few weeks!

photo courtesy of Chanel

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