Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OPI Oz The Great and Powerful Nail Polish Collection

The new movie Oz movie has already turned into a hit at the box office and has become THE movie for beauty product and collection tie ins.  We have already looked at the new eye shadow palettes from Urban Decay that were inspired by two of the main characters of the movie and now we are going to look at the nail polish collection that OPI has just brought out to tie in with the movie.  The Glinda eye palette that I have been wanting from Urban Decay has been out of stock for the past few times that I have checked it on the Sephora website and I can't wait for it to come back in stock, the Glinda palette has the prettiest lilac shades and will be perfect for spring.  While I am waiting for that item to come back in stock, I will need to get my Oz fill from the new OPI polish collection.

The Oz collection from OPI contains seven new polish shades, one of which has the new Liquid Sand finish (that I cannot stand) and six with the traditional polish finishes.  Some of these polishes have a very intense glitter finish and others are more subtle, these are not polishes that can be worn in a professional atmosphere but will be great for going out at night.  The other polishes are more sheer and neutral and will be very easy to wear in any environment, I can see both areas of this collection selling out very quickly.

We are going to start with the sheer shades as I tend to buy shades like this all the time, I love that I can get several days of wear from these and I don't have to worry about if my polish hue is appropriate to the environment.

- Don't Burst My Bubble - sheer off white cream with a cool undertone
- Glints of Glinda - sheer neutral beige cream
- I Theodora You - sheer neutral pale pink cream

I think that the glitter shades will be the most popular of the collection and these will sell out first and become cult favorites.

- Lights of Emerald City - clear base with square silver glitter pieces
- When Monkeys Fly - clear base with big chunks of gold glitter pieces and small silver pieces
- Which Witch is Which - clear base with small silver glitter

The last shade is my least favorite already, being that it has the Liquid Sand finish that I could not stand from the first time that I saw a picture of it.  I feel that the Liquid Sand finish looks like your polish was smudged when it was wet and is over the top.  I know that many people like this finish and disagree with me but I would not buy any shade with this finish any time soon.
- What Wizardy is This? - olive base color with gold and bronze shimmer

I like some of the shades in this collection but this isn't one of my favorites from OPI, there have been much stronger collections over the years and this doesn't contain a great range of shades.  My favorite shade is I Theodora You, this pale pink will fit right into my polish collection and would be on constant rotation for me for the next few seasons.  Don't Burst My Bubble is the other shade that I would purchase from the collection, Glints of Glinda won't be as flattering on me as the other two.  Which Witch is Which is the only glitter finish shade that I like but it is much to similar to the glitter top coat in last year's Ballerina Collection and I bought that one already and don't need a second bottle of this type of top coat.  The other two glitters are just ugly and I would never use them.  I am not a fan of this collection and I will just keep waiting for that eye palette from Urban Decay for my Oz fix...

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