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Lancome Spring 2013 Collection - In Love

March is here and I am hoping that the weather starts to warm up very soon.  We had two Theme Weeks last month and this month will see the end of the spring collections and then the weather should follow.  This is the month that I plan to do a lot of shopping in, both beauty and clothing-wise and I am ready to spend some time and money at the mall.  I am going to say that I am about 70% finished with the spring makeup collections but there are still some great companies that are on my list to look at in the next four weeks.  Today we are going to look at the newest collection from Lancome, the spring and fall collections from Lancome are typically the strongest ones throughout the year so I am very excited to see what is coming out for spring.

The new collection from Lancome is named In Love, a name that sounds likes a Valentine's Day collection but is actually a spring collection.  On first glance of the promo picture, I see Emma Watson (a favorite of mine!) wearing a vivid pink blush (another favorite of mine!) and these two just set the tone for the whole collection.  I am so excited to see this collection piece by piece and to visit the counter since I have been all over pink shades for the past two months!

The Lancome website doesn't have a description of the collection so I went over the Nordstrom website and I found a short description of the collection itself.  "The season of pure pleasure. Lancôme captures the colorful wave of spring with easy to wear hues for all skin tones. The In Love collection embraces springtime city style."  The bright blue eyeliner that Emma Watson is wearing is not quite my style but I love every other shade on her face.

Here is the spring collection from Lancome...

Baume in Love Sheer Tinted Lip Balm - These neon-translucent permanent shades saturate lips with comfort, moisture and lasting stain of color.  The formula is filler-free and contains a transparent ultra-shiny oil that optimizes the transluscency of colors and adds shine to lips.  When the texture is applied, its high content of light oils delivers a very smooth, thin and glinding film on the lips that provides a comfortable, lightweight feeling for the customer.  Protective jelly enhances its adherence on the lips. This adherence combined with its barrier effect optimizes comfort and protection of the skin from its external environment by maintaining moisture levels within the lips.  Shea butter has a unique composition compared to other plant-derived oils: it provides a naturally moisturizing effect and leaves the lips feeling soft.
- 120 Coral Electric - bright warm orange cream
- 100 Rose in Love - baby pink cream
- 110 Urban Ballet - satin bright pink cream
- 130 Midnight Rose - lavender violet cream

Blush in Love Powder Blusher - A new fresh glow blush to sculpt and enlighten the complexion . Designed to suit every skin tone, available in two different harmonies: Coral Electric: warms up the fair skins. Urban Ballet: adds a rosy halo on the darker skins. For a dewy finish, we recommend to use the Dewy Spray Mist after the blush application, with the Baume in Love to create a natural peachy look.
- 10 Peche Joue-Joue - light warm peach with a medium warm peachy pink center
- 20 Pommettes d'Amour - bright blue pink with a medium warm peachy pink center

Dewy Mist - Dewy Mist is a beauty water to be applied before make‐up to prepare the skin; and/ or after the make‐up to fix it. It has well‐known caring properties thanks to its 100% natural origin ingredients.  This is a favorite make-up product of makeup artists: it is an active water used prior to and after make-up application:  Before: To Prepare the skin for make-up: it refines pores and smoothes the skin. It also moisturizes and revitalizes for radiant, glowing skin.  After: It provides a natural dewy finish and keeps the complexion looking flawless and invisible with long-lasting results. It also provides continuous protection for make-up and skin to create an imperceptible colorless shield provided by active hydrating ingredients.  During the day: to refresh make-up and give skin extra glow.  Its active medical scent of essential oils provides a boosting effect for your skin and mood.

Kohl in Love Eyeliner Pencil - Lancôme essential Khol is reinterpreted in 3 new shades and a new gliding, smudge proof and ultra pigmented formula.  All colours have been created to be worn alone for a natural look or coordinated with the Ombre Hypnose In Love monos for a more sophisticated make‐up result.  Create a sensual, intense eye look with ease. This smudgy, creamy-smooth eye pencil delivers a dose of decadent color that glides on effortlessly and blends beautifully. In an instant, eyes are perfectly lined, defined and contoured for a smoldering effect that’s absolutely irresistible.
- 401 Deepwater Blue - dark blue
- 101 Chocolate Affair - deep brown
- 501 Jade Crush - dark green

Color Design Infinite 24H Crease-Free Luminous Eye Shadow - A revolution in eye shadow. Now, a unique creamy-powder texture creates effortlessly luminous, lasting looks. Purity of color meets exceptional long wear, for infinite intensity.  24 Hours of Wear: Luminous eye color that stays true for 24 hours without creasing. A revolutionary formula offers a silky, powder-to-cream texture that lasts all day and all night.  24 Hours of Vibrant Color: Instant eye color, infinite intensity. The highest level of pearl and pigment creates an intensely luminous makeup result, with blendable, buildable coverage.
- 200 Perpetual Pink - pale shimmering pink
- 201 Persistant Peach - pale shimmering peach
- 300 Evermore Lilac - pale shimmering lavender
- 400 Boundless Blue - deep shimmering navy
- 401 Magnetic Teal - deep shimmering blue teal
- 501 Tremendous Turquoise - medium shimmering green teal

Vernis in Love Nail Polish - Inspired by the new trendy Rouge In Love lip collection, Vernis in Love is a high potency nail laquer perfectly themed to compliment every woman's mood and style. With ultimate brillance, intense color, and a mistake-free application, your nails will love the lasting shine and pop of color that stays put for days.  Jolis Matins: Fresh shades for daytime wear. Jolis Matins shades are identified with the letter M in the shade number.  Boudoir Time: Pop shades for cocktail hour. Boudoir Time shades are identified with the letter B in the shade number.  Tonight is My Night: Intense shades for magical nights. Tonight is My Night shades are identified with the letter N in the shade number.
- 134B Peach Melodie - bright coral cream
- 301M Sugar Rose - pale sheer pink cream
- 335N Rose Macaron - bright magenta cream
- 441N Midnight Rose - deep purple cream

I love the pink shade of the powder blush that is offered with this collection, I feel like I haven't bought a new blush in several months and I think that I need to pick this one very soon.  This is one and only product that is super unique and that I really feel like I need to go out and buy right now, this is the month that I will do the heaviest of my spring beauty shopping so I am glad that I checking this collection out early enough.  The other product that I am really excited about is the Dewy Mist, I wonder how similar this is to the mists that I already own from Caudalie and I want to check this out the very next time that I go to the mall.  This is the only other product that really excites me from this spring collection. 

Even though I only consider two of the products to be must haves for me, I do like a bunch more of the products in this collection and look forward to trying them out at the counter.  The Baume in Love will be a good product for the spring and summer months, I always tend to wear bright or sheer lip shades during this time of the year and this new formula could be a great addition to my collection.  My favorite color is the bright pink shade, this will be very sheer on the lip and I will get lots of wear from it.  I love the two pinks in the nail polish collection, the pale one will get tons of use all throughout the year and I will wear the bright one in the next few months. 

The last piece of this collection that I am really excited to try is the Color Design Infinite 24H Eye Shadow, this product is said to be very similar to the Illusion d'Ombre from Chanel, a formula that I love and keep hoping that more colors will come out in.  I want to try several of these shades and see how they stack up.

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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