Sunday, March 10, 2013

Estee Lauder Spring 2013 Collection - Mad Men Collection

The new season of Mad Men is starting soon and Estee Lauder has released a spring collection to celebrate it in style.  I have actually never watched Mad Men but I have plenty of friends that love this show to pieces and I will need to Netflix the first season so I can begin to understand all the hype and fuss and see if this show will interest me.  If nothing else, I will watch it for the fabulous 1960s style that is shown on characters of both genders on the show.  And I will be watching it while trying the products from the new Estee Lauder spring beauty collection to help me create my own Mad Men experience.

This collection only consists of three products but all three of them look fantastic.  The first aspect of this collection that caught my eye is the packaging, all the products are housed in a print package that reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer and Twiggy.  I love bright packaging and I would buy these products just to have the packaging.  And if the products inside are as great as the outside?!  I will be in heaven and these will play a very prominent role in my spring and summer makeup looks. 

From the Nordstrom website, "The MadMen® Collection from Estée Lauder. Playful yet polished shades of pink."  Shade of pink!!  I have said it before and I will say it again, nearly every single product that I have bought this spring is pink and this includes makeup, clothing, and an amazing pink opal J. Crew Bubble Necklace.  I am so excited to add even more pink to my collection and this collection will do just that.  It amazes me to remember that I used to HATE pink and would never wear it.  My tastes have completely changed in less than five years...

Here is the Estee Lauder and Mad Men collection!

Mad Men Collection See-Thru Blush - Turn on your cheeks to this limited edition powder blush inspired by the Award Winning AMC Drama MadMen.®  Creates a daringly sheer, natural look.  Light Show shade captures the cheeky, fresh-faced, Sixties look perfectly.  Add extra to your forehead, temples and chin for more rosy lights.  Inspired by the rock concert light shows and see-through, cut-out fashions that made the Sixties swing.  Compact case and carton are replicas of actual designs from Estée Lauder's Sixties-era collections.
- Light Show - medium rosy pink with a satin finish

Mad Men Collection Rich, Rich Lipstick - Turn on your lips to this limited edition lipstick inspired by the Award Winning AMC Drama MadMen.®  Creamy, satin finish and smooth, rich lipcolor.• Pinkadelic shade captures the soft-lipped, sexy-innocent Sixties look perfectly.  Lipstick case and carton are replicas of actual designs from Estée Lauder's Sixties-era collections.  Named after one of our most popular Sixties' lip formulas.
- Pinkadelic - medium neutral pink cream

Mad Men Collection Nail Lacquer - Turn on your fingertips to this limited edition nail lacquer inspired by the Award Winning AMC Drama MadMen.®   The Pink Paisley shade captures the sexy yet innocent '60s look perfectly. Polished and chic. Smooth glossy color, long-wear. Features a '60s era bottle.
- Pink Paisley - pale pink cream

I love, love, love all three of these products and I want all of them!  If I had to only pick one product, I would go with the blush because I love the rose pink shade and I will use it all the time.  In addition, I simply love the compact and would love to pull the mirror out of my bag in public.  And I rarely check my appearance or use any type of mirror in public but this one is a different story.  I would also really like to the buy the pink lipstick, this is a great shade for me and another one that I would use all the time.  I bet that I will buy this shade when I go to the counter to pick up the blush.  I like the nail polish but I already own several shades like it and therefore can't call it a must-have, it is one of those products that I like and would like to own but I don't need it and it doesn't fill a gap in my nail polish collection.  I will probably end up buying it at the counter and then owning the whole collection.  I wonder if Estee Lauder will offer accessories in this print...

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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