Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Malibu Body Product Collection

Today we are going to look at some body products that will be perfect for the summer months, I love Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa collection and I am very excited to see that a new collection inspired by the shores of Malibu has come out for the summer months!  Last spring, a Malibu-inspired Spa collection was released and I still count those products among my favorites in my body product collection, I am really excited to see that they came back this year so I have the chance to pick some more up to stash away.  In addition to some of my previous favorites, I see that there is a crop of new products for me to love this year!  I am especially excited to see the return of the beach pedicure foot scrub, I had used this sand scrub for years in college and I hope that the formula is exactly the same as it was several years ago.

In addition to the Malibu body and hair care products that came out last year, a series of beach-inspired foot care products have arrived this year.  I am not going to visit the products from last year's collection again, you are free to look them up on your own but I am sure that many of you have read about them already if you have been following this blog for more than a few months.  As I said already, I am the most excited for the sand foot scrub but I am also looking forward to the new beach foot cream in the collection.  In addition to the beginning of self tanning season being right around the corner, the beginning of sandal season is right around the corner too and I need to begin to get ready to show off a bright pink pedicure!

Here are the new Malibu foot products that have been added to the True Blue Spa collection!

Malibu Fresh Cooling Foot Scrub - When the heat is on, this icy cool spray revitalizes and invigorates hot or tired feet and legs so your feet feel light as air all summer long.  Mint instantly cools and refreshes for feet that feel invigorated.

Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Scrub - Reveal softer, smoother, beach-worthy feet with our intensely exfoliating pedicure foot scrub. This fab spa formula is perfect for every day use as it smooths rough skin and prepares feet for an ultra-glamorous dip in the sea.  Exfoliating Beach Sand smooths away rough, dry skin.

Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Cream - Dive feet first into this luxuriously rich moisturizing spa treatment and give dry skin an ultra-pampering pedicure.  Avocado Butter adds creamy moisture.

I have already bought both the foot cream and the foot scrub, I tried a bit of the foot scrub last night and I am happy to report that this is basically the same product as before.  In fact, this product was actually improved, the fragrance on the new version is a great tropical fruit blend and fills up the whole shower with fragrance.  I would love to have matching body products in this fragrance and I hope that Bath and Body Works considers doing more in this line next year.  The foot cream is spiked with avocado, a new ingredient for this company to use.  The fragrance is almost exactly the same as the scrub and the texture is very rich and creamy, I love this product after only using the tester once.

I actually considered using the foot cream as a body cream as I love this fragrance so much.  I haven't reached that point yet since I will go through the product really quickly that way and I want to buy at least one more tube of it before I try going this route.  The rich cream quickly hydrates my feet and this product will be a staple of mine through the next few months.

The scrub is lighter than the traditional Spa Soothing Foot Scrub but it still does the job quite well.  I use twice as week just as I did the other formula and I have gotten great results from use twice a week.  I will continue to use either of the foot scrubs in this fashion.  This sand foot scrub is limited edition so I will continue to buy it as long as it is available but after that I will have no problems going back to the other formula.

I love True Blue Spa products and I hope that the Malibu collection is one that will continue to reappear and grow over the next few years!

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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