Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OPI Summer 2013 Collection - Couture de Minnie

Last year, OPI launched a collection with Disney that was inspired by Minnie Mouse and all the fame that has been built up around her over the past few decades.  This collection became an instant best-seller and every display that I visited was empty.  I don't feel that the shades were unique enough on their own to inspire such love and devotion so they must all have been bought by Minnie Mouse lovers.  It seems that any collection from OPI that teams up great nail polish shades and movies/pop culture always sells out faster than any other collection.  Last year's Minnie Mouse collection was a collection of solid pink hues and then one over the top pink glitter top coat.  I seem to remember that the top coat was the biggest hit of the collection and I am sure that OPI will bring another one (or perhaps two or three) out with the collection this year!

The Minnie Mouse collections are always about pink shades and are super girly, a look that I am all about this spring and summer.  I have said it before but I will say it again, I used to hate pink polish shades until about a year ago and now I just can't get enough of them.  I keep adding more and more pink shades to my collection and am always on the lookout for them in every single polish line that I have ever shopped from.  I already bought a few new pinks this spring and now I want even more, I will have to get to Ulta quickly since I know this collection will sell out within the first week of it being put on display.  I see three traditional finish polishes in this collection and then I see both a glitter and a Liquid Sand finish.  I have never liked the Liquid Sand finish and I know that I can already rule one shade out from this collection but I will find at least two or three shades from this line up of pinks that I will want immediately.

Here are the shades in the Couture de Minnie collection!

- Minnie Style - This red and white glitter is the height of fashion.
- Chic From Ears to Tail - This pop of bubblegum pink is totally fabulous!
- Innie Minnie Mighty Bow - Catch this crimson by the toe!
- A Definite Moust-Have - This fantastic fuchsia is at the top of my shopping list!
- Magazine Cover Mouse - The headline-making strawberry has sparkling texture.

Chic From Ears to Tail is my favorite shade even though it is not the most unique pink that I have ever seen.  This is the perfect bubblegum pink cream and I will wear this shade all summer on my nails and toes, I want to use this shade in a manicure and then do a deeper pink with similar undertones on my toe nails.  This shade is very similar to one of my current favorite lipsticks, MAC Sheen Supreme in Behave Yourself and I love creating elegant looks with matching my lips and nails.  A Definite Moust-Have is my second choice in this collection, I could take this deeper fuchsia shade all through summer and then into the fall months.  These are the only two shades that I must have from this collection, I could easily skip over the glitter hue and the Liquid Sand hue.  Innie Minnie Mighty Bow is a pretty red hue but Hey Sailor from China Glaze is basically the exact same shade and I already own a bottle of it.

I heard rumors of another summer collection that will be arriving soon...a tie in with the Bond girls!

photo courtesy of OPI

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