Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Large Powder Brush #30

Towards the end of the last summer, my bronzer brush brought in half, it was still usable enough to get me through the end of the bronzer season.  I use a separate brush for bronzer and it didn't make much sense to me to panic buy a new brush when I would only be using it for about two more weeks.  I was able to finish up the season with it and then threw it away after Labor Day.  I went back to my traditional loose powder and the brush that I use with it but that brush is too tapered to use for powder bronzer.  My first night of self tanning was last night and I ordered a bronzer brush off the Sephora website last week and I first tried it out this morning with my favorite formula of MAC bronzer.

What was I looking for in a bronzer brush?  I wanted a brush that was huge and fluffy, with a small to medium length handle.  I wanted to be able to dust on a light layer on bronzer and have a better amount of control over it than a traditional powder brush.  Making a mistake with bronzer in the morning can push back my entire day and I hate when I have to start my makeup over after I have all my face makeup finished up.  I looked on the Sephora website about a month ago and have been narrowing them down ever since.  On the first round of narrowing them down, I got rid of all the ones that weren't large enough to lightly sweep powder bronzer all over the face.  The second round got rid of the ones that had long handles and might not give me the control that I wanted.  The winner actually was from a brand that I have never used any brushes from before: the Sephora house brand.

I decided on the Classic Must Have Large Powder Brush #30, a huge fluffy face brush with a shorter handle than most.  "A round, full-bodied brush for evenly applying loose or pressed complexion powders.  Perfect for creating an even, matte finish, this brush helps to set makeup quickly without excess powder and without overload.  This brush features synthetic takelon bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and a wooden handle. The brush can also be used for the d├ęcolletage with an illuminating brush-on powder."

I have only used this brush for powder bronzer so far and I am very happy with it.  I can easily sweep bronzer all over my face and then dip it again to add an extra layer to cheekbones and then blend all the way down my neck and chest area.  I love that the brush is not made of animal fur, I feel better using vegan brushes even though all reputable companies confirm that no animals are harmed in their fur brushes.  I was originally hoping that Urban Decay would have a great bronzer brush but their brush was too thin and tapered for my liking. 

I have no complaints with this brush, it performs just as I would like a bronzer brush to and I am actually considering using it as a powder brush in the cool weather months.  I would only use it with pressed powder, I think that it might make loose powder fly all over the place.  I will try this one out in a few months and see how it performs in this aspect.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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