Thursday, May 23, 2013

Korres Milk Proteins 3-in-1 Cleansing, Toning, and Eye Makeup Removing Emulsion

I am firmly in my self tanning routine for the summer and I have noticed that my skin seems drier than normal this year.  It might be because it is on the colder side right now and this Memorial Day weekend will feel more like the very beginning of spring than the very end of spring.  Whatever the case may be, I have changed by skincare routine a slight bit so that I can try and combat some of the dryness before it gets to the point that I can't self tan as much as I like because my face begins to burn when I apply the product.  I am happy with the face lotion that I am currently using and I have no plans to change this product (Clinique Dramatically Different Face Lotion), this classic face lotion is a warm weather staple of mine and I have used it in combination with my favorite Bath and Body Works self tanner for two summers now.  The next option for me is try a new face wash or a new serum.  I am running low on my Clinique face wash so trying a different kind of face wash is my first change.

I have used many Korres face products in the past and I wanted to try a face wash from this line, I have used their moisturizers and treatments before but I have never picked up a face wash from them and am eager to try one.  There are several choices from this line and I looked at all of them and then decided on a product from the Milk Proteins line.  This line is best for dry skin that needs a bit of extra care and is exactly what I need at the moment.  I chose to order the Milk Proteins Cleansing, Toning, and Eye Makeup Removing Emulsion from Sephora in the hopes that a cream cleanser would be more gentle on my skin.

"An ultra-gentle cream emulsion that removes makeup and cleanses the skin of impurities.  Rich in nourishing oils, this product instantly cleanses the skin of impurities. The complexion is left soft, clean, and feeling moisturized. A combination of naturally derived emulsifiers and oils ensures excellent tolerance by the skin. Milk proteins, rich in lactose and essential amino acids, offer nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing properties.  This product is ideal for very dry skin and for those who wish to avoid cleansing with water.", states the Sephora website.

I wash my face only once a day and use a separate eye makeup remover, I have never seen the wisdom is using one product for multiple purposes and do not believe that one cleanser will correctly perform both tasks.  I have been using this product for about three or four days now and I have drawn several conclusions about it...

My first conclusion is that this is only a product for someone with dry or very dry skin, it has a very creamy and slippery feel to the application and would not work for anyone with normal or any type of oily skin.  This product does not foam at all and would not appeal to those who love foaming cleansers.  This product is for a very targeted audience and my skin fits perfectly into this target.  I squeeze about a nickel-sized drop of this product from the bottle and this is the perfect amount to apply for my entire face and the top of my neck.  I use water to rinse this product though I am sure that it could be tissued off for those users who do not like to use water at all when cleansing their faces.  This product washes off very easily and leaves little to no residue on my face. 

I love this face wash for keeping my dry skin feeling soft and nourished all throughout cleansing, my face doesn't feel tight when I get out of the shower and is less dry than after using many other face washes.  I really prefer the feel of a foaming face wash but my skin often tends to prefer cream formulas and it has been extra dry recently.  I am very happy with this product and will be buying it again in the near future.

I discovered the one drawback of this product last night, I decided to use a toner after cleansing and I wasn't expecting all of the face makeup that clung to the cotton ball.  I do use multiple primers on my face and eyes along with either foundation or Beauty Balm and I am used to any face wash not getting all the excess makeup off.  This formula left more than others have in the past (typical for a cream formula) so I do have to use the Korres wipes on my face after working out and will need to use a toner once of twice a week to get a more through cleansing for my face.  I have come to expect that cream formulas are not going to have the same level of cleansing that foam and gel will and I would rather add that extra step once a week and have my skin feel less tight when getting out of the shower.

I really like this face wash and I do consider this to one of my favorites that I have used, I love the whole Korres line and will keep buying more products from it over the next few months. 

photo courtesy of Sephora

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