Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bond No. 9 Madison Square Park

As many of you know, I have taken to ordering samples of Bond No 9 fragrances from Amazon, I don't live anywhere close to a store where I could really smell and try the fragrances a few times before I decide to invent in one and I have been craving fragrances from this line all spring.  High Line was the first fragrance that I tried out from this line, it is very green and light and became a great fragrance for to me use as the season's were changing.  I liked the scent a lot and it was quite unique, I was just unhappy about how fast the lovely fragrance faded away on my skin.  I am still on the fence about this fragrance, I love it and I haven't found a green scent like this yet but I plan to try and find a green scent that lasts longer on my skin than this one.  And I have realized that I might not find a long lasting green scent since they are mostly comprised of top notes and these are not the notes that will make a fragrance last all day. 

The second fragrance sample that I ordered is Madison Square Park, the sample that I was the most excited to try out and is one of the top rated fragrances from this perfume line.  I have wanted a bottle of this fragrance since I first saw it several springs ago but have always run into the issue of not begin able to try the fragrance out before I ordered it.  I must admit that I never thought of ordering samples before and I searched it on Amazon with little idea of what would come back at me.  I was so excited to see that I could get my hands on samples and really try them out before deciding what bottles that I must own. 

Madison Square Park is a floral fragrance and contains middle notes of both Rose and Tulip, two favorites of mine.  I knew before trying this fragrance that I would like the blend but I wanted to try this fragrance first to make sure that it was unique enough to order a full bottle of.  I found the product description and the notes from the Nordstrom website and this is the website where I would be most likely to order it from.

"Madison Square Park was the height of fashion in the Gilded Age. Today, it's back in hip-and-cool revival mode. So now is the time for a neighborhood eau de parfum.  The vibrant neon pink and green bottle has a removable, Deco-Modern rose-blossom bracelet which can be used as a bracelet or brooch. Wear its double rows of beads on your wrist or detach the vintage-style rose centerpiece to use as a brooch. Ah, perfume and jewelry! A beloved combination."

The notes are: Grape Hyacinth, Huckleberry, Prairie Dropseed Grass, Red Leaf Rose, Red Hunter Tulips, Teakwood.

This fragrance is a green floral, it is crisper than your traditional pink floral fragrance and more unique than many of the reviews on Makeup Alley gave it credit for.  The Grass note is evident right as I put the fragrance on and only fades away a little bit as the fragrance develops, creating the green floral combination that makes this scent unique.  At this point in the beginning of the development, the fragrance does have a tart berry note to it, I have no idea what a Huckleberry is supposed to smell like but it reminds me of a tart Blackberry note.  This aspect fades quite quickly and its not evident as the middle notes begin to emerge.  After the fragrance begins to develop, the Rose and Tulip notes become very evident and then are present in the fragrance as it fades out. 

The wear time for this fragrance is much better than that of High Line but this fragrance has more power in the middle notes and should last much longer.  I get a good eight to ten hours of wear from this fragrance and it smells mostly floral throughout the whole wear time.  I do believe that this will be one of the first Bond No 9 fragrances that I order this summer.

A note on the bottle - people either love or hate this bottle.  I love the fake rose and the combination of my two favorite colors.  I think this bottle is bright and happy and would be proud to display it on my vanity.  However, the other camp hates this bottle and find it to be an eyesore.  Whatever you think of the bottle, the juice inside is lovely and high quality.

One more Bond No 9 sample to try and review but I think that I have found my early favorite from this fragrance line!

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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