Friday, May 10, 2013

Essie Summer 2013 Collection - Naughty Nautical

I have been slowly switching over all of my nail polishes to summer brights and I am excited to buy even more shades of polish before my big birthday celebration in two weeks.  I have looked at a bunch of collections so far and since the newest from China Glaze has not come out yet, I have decided to check out the latest collection from Essie.  Essie is not my favorite nail polish formula but I still like to check out the colors every season, this a good line for colors that I will only wear for a day or night.  I have not had the best track record with this formula for staying on and not chipping for more than two or three days so I am more likely to find the most unique colors in this line that I would only wear to match one or two items in my closet.  I think that I want another bright aqua shade for summer and this is a collection that I could easily find one in.

The next collection from Essie is named Naughty Nautical and contains six new shades, three of which are more pale and the rest of which are brights.  Two of the pales are more unique and each of the brights are pretty unique so I see that this collection has some potential for me.  I have a favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress that I am always on the lookout for shades to match perfectly and I spy some great hues in this line up. 

The first quote about this collection is from the founder of the Essie line of polishes.  "Sound the bell, I've been Naughty Nautical."  More information is included with the full collection description, "Want to make fashion waves?  Embark on a chic color adventure in maritime pastels - delicately sparkling lights and ultra soft brights that whisper easy elegance.  Cruise into summer with the nail collection that's totally ship shape."

Here are the new shades in the Naughty Nautical collection!

Full Steam Ahead - Take the helm and embark on a fantastic voyage.  This medium toned lilac nail polish with a pearlescent punch steers you in style.

Rock the Boat - Now's your chance to make some stylish waves.  This simmering nail polish in french blue makes a splash every time.

The More the Merrier - An oceanside bungalow is the perfect spot for a party and this juicy lime green nail polish.  Luxe loves company!

Naughty Nautical - Sail the sexy seas and chart a course for adventure in this shimmering brilliant blue-green nail polish.  Naughty never looked so nice.

The Girls are Out - You've got nothing to hide with this soft fuchsia peony nail polish infused with subtle sparkle.

Sunday Funday - Turn everyday into a ridiculously good time with this beautiful, tangerine crush coral nail polish with soft shimmer.

Naughty Nautical is my early favorite of the collection, it reminds me very much of Butter London's Slapper (which I currently lover and have no idea how I lived without it before ordering it from Sephora's Friends and Family Sale) with a hint of shimmer.  This will be a great pedicure shade for the summer months and I am so looking forward to finding this shade at Ulta.  This is the only shade that I must own from this collection however I would be more than happy to own a bunch of the other shades.  This might be the best chance for me to buy a green nail polish shade this summer, The More the Merrier is a pretty green and I would try to match it up with a favorite sundress of mine.  I would also like the The Girls are Out, I have shades that I similar to this however they are either cream or almost a full out glitter finish and this one would be a happy medium.  Another great pedicure shade and depending on how deep this color is, I could use it into the early stages of fall.  Rock the Boat is the last shade that I want from this collection, I love pale blues as much as I love bright blues and the shimmer on this one makes it unique.

This is good collection for some fun shades for summer, I don't really turn to this line of polishes for core shades as the formula doesn't last long enough on me to use on a regular basis (especially if I don't have time to change my polish every other day), I can't wait for more blue hues for the summer and I found one that I must have in this collection!

photo courtesy of Essie's Facebook page

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