Sunday, May 19, 2013

China Glaze Summer 2013 Collection - Sunsational

The summer collections are basically over with for the year, several companies didn't really release a separate summer collection and tend to wait until fall to bring out their next big collection.  I can understand why not every company will bring out a separate collection, I tend to spend most of my beauty products money on the products for the spring and fall and then only pick up a few new lip and eye shades throughout the summer and early winter months.  And it goes without saying that every company wants to bring special products out for the holidays since this is the time of the year that I buy more beauty product gifts than ever before.  One of the beauty items that I buy all year and update every single season is nail polish and therefore I decided that our last summer collection should be the one that I know that I will buy several products from this summer.  And that is the newest collection from China Glaze!

The new summer collection from this company is named Sunsational and is a series of super funky bright hues for the summer months.  I love bright shades in the summer, especially pinks and aquas and I have been buying shades like this since the middle of April.  I am excited to add a few more of these shades to my collection before I start picking up jewel tones to go into the fall months.

This collection appears to be range of shades, all of which are bright hues with cream finishes.  I do not like brights with shimmer or glitter finish as they can go from pretty to tacky very quickly and are rarely suitable for manicures.

Here are the shades in the newest collection from China Glaze!

- Sun of a Peach - true peach cream
- Shell-o - bright magenta cream
- Neon and On and On - bright salmon pink cream
- Bottoms Up - bright lilac cream
- That's Shore Bright - bright periwinkle cream
- Too Yacht Too Handle - bright aqua cream
- Keepin' It Teal - medium deep aqua cream
- Isle See You Later - bright robins egg blue cream
- Are You Jelly? - cool bright purple cream
- You Drive Me Coconut - warm bright purple cream
- Highlight of My Summer - cool mint green cream
- Heat Index - bright fuchsia pink cream

My favorite shade is actually the bright lilac cream from this collection, I don't own any shade like Bottoms Up and I really want to try a completely different type of bright hue.  I don't know that I have even really seen many shades like this, this is one is just so different that I must buy it the next time that I order from Ulta.  That's Shore Bright is another favorite of mine for the same reason, I love the bright periwinkle shade and it would fill a hole in my collection too.  I have loves in both of the teal shades, I want to order both even though neither of them is very different from the shades that I already own.  I use teal shades so much and get so many compliments of them and I know that I would get lots of use from these shades.  From the pinks, I want Shell-o and Heat Index, I was hoping for shades that were different from the typical bright pink and I am not disappointed by this collection.

We have about a month until we start hearing about fall and I will taking that time to try a bunch of new products out.  I always try out a bunch of fragrances and body products in the summer and I will be reporting back with my thoughts and then we will begin heading into the fall collections by the end of June!

photo courtesy of China Glaze's Facebook page

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