Sunday, May 5, 2013

Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

I have begun working through all the products that I bought during the Sephora Friends and Family Event and I must say that a few of them are emerging as clear winners in my book.  My first love from the orders is the small bottle that I bought of Stella McCartney's L.I.L.Y., I have been using this fragrance at least twice a week and fall more in love with it each time that I put it on.  I have now started using the Carol's Daughter hair mask that I ordered and I am really pumped that I have found another great product from my order!  This is the first product that I have ever used from Carol's Daughter, I had heard many good things about the line over the past few years but often passed over it at my local Sephora or only looked at some of the body products in the line.  In fact, I wasn't really aware that this company sold hair care products until a few months ago when I searched through every hair brand on Sephora and started to plot out my upcoming Friends and Family Order.

I used Friends and Family to try a variety of brands that I had never used before and to stock up on some old favorites.  Obviously this product fell into the category of untrieds since this is my first product from Carol's Daughter.  So why did I choose this one from the series of hair masks that are carried by Sephora?  It was quite well rated, contained a good amount of natural ingredients, and had a monoi oil in it.  I have used monoi oil in beauty products since college and I love the mixture of coconut oil and tropical florals. 

"A deeply nourishing hair treatment to undo and prevent damage by up to 96%.  Strengthening your hair is the only way to lengthen it so you can do whatever you want with it. To really fortify fine, fragile, or chemically-treated hair requires major nourishment found in the Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. Added to the rejuvenating Monoi Oil – a repairing Tahitian blend of the Tiare Gardenia Flower and Coprah Coconut Oil – is rebuilding Bamboo Water and protective Hydrolyzed Silk.  This product is free of alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, and artificial colors. For over 2,000 years, Tahitians have used Monoi Oil for its natural reparative properties that undo and prevent damage from the sun, sea and surf. Using ingredients that only grow in Tahiti, Monoi Oil is made by taking 15 freshly picked Tiare Gardenia Flower blossoms and combining them with 15 ounces of Coprah Coconut Oil over a 15 day sacred ritual, passed down only through an oral tradition."

I have used this product twice so far and I am very happy with the results.  With any deep conditioner, your hair will feel different after using it but I have rarely had my hair be so soft and easy to manage after use of this deep conditioning product.  This product has a very thick and creamy texture and a little of the cream goes a very long way.  I ran my fingers over the top of it to pick up a light coating of product and found that this is enough to cover my medium length hair, I actually thought that I didn't use enough the first time when I could coat my whole hair shaft with it but I had decided to err on the conservative side with this product the first time.  It turned out that it was a very good idea to use a small amount, I would have just wasted product had I used more than a quarter-sized drop of it.

My hair styles very easy the day after using this product and it is soft and manageable.  I love the results that I get from using this product and I am glad that I decided to try something very new to me during Friends and Family. 

Sephora posted the clinical results from usage of this product and many people have had a similar experience to mine.

"- 96% less breakage after only 1 use
- 13 times longer hair life after only 1 use
- 85% better conditioning and detangling after only 1 use"

I have no comments on the claim of longer hair life, I would guess that this is linked to the lessening of breakage after using of this mask.  I can say that my hair is much softer and since it is easier to style, it would lead to less breakage from styling damage.  I have been using this product once a week and I think that I will continue to use it in this fashion. 

What gets me even more excited is that Carol's Daughter has an entire line of monoi oil hair products, from the traditional shampoos and conditioners to all kinds of treatment products.  I now have a list of products that I want to buy at Sephora and I will be plotting out an order once I have some spare room in my shower!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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