Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Urban Decay Summer 2013 Collection

Yesterday we looked at my early favorite collection of the summer, today we are looking at a collection that has me so disappointed that I actually considered just ignoring its existence and passing over it.  I decided against that course of action and we will quickly look at the very small and unexciting summer collection from Urban Decay, a brand that I truly love and have loved for years.  Normally, I buy several products every single season from this brand however I have been falling off in my purchases from them lately and I was hoping for some really strong new products that would bring me back to them.  I have been using and loving their Beauty Balm lately and it has made this type of product a new favorite of mine and I still use one of their many eye shadow palettes at least three or four times a week.  This company really seems to have dropped the ball on this summer collection, it contains a few new shades of eye makeup and then one face product.  There is not a lip or nail polish shade in the bunch and none of the new shades seem to be much fun...

Even odder than the lack of product assortment is some of the shades that have come out with this collection, typically Urban Decay's summer collection is all about bright and fun shades to wear out at night and for a day of fun.  The shades of eye makeup are rather subtle and then there is a random bright shade thrown in the mix.  This seems to be a collection that I am more likely to find staple shades in and not one that I would feel inspired to take a risk and try something totally foreign to me...

Here is the new collection from Urban Decay...

Eye Shadow -  Urban Decay’s groundbreaking new eye shadow formula.  This reformulation of Urban Decay’s eye shadow features even softer, amazingly velvety texture; richer, more dense and decadent color; smoother, more uniform pigment distribution and blendability; and longer-lasting, more crease-free wear. The new line of shadows features a completely revamped assortment of shades, new textures, and a totally redesigned token compact.  The secret to the new formula is Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™, a vehicle for color that holds tightly to pigment and gives the formula its glide. The proprietory blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the formula resulting in insane color payout, color that stays on your lids, and sparkle that doesn’t fall. The amazing technology works for every shade and finish. Every Urban Decay shade is silky, blendable, and stays put.  The new assortment of shades features bestselling favorites, all new shades, and several shades previously available in past palettes. Packaging was inspired by NYC subway tokens; the chromed gunmetal compact with a clear window allows you to see your shade and pop your shadows out and into one of the new customizable palettes.
- Easy Baked - light bronze shimmer
- Desperation - gray taupe brown matte
- Laced - pink taupe matte

24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencil - A crease-proof, waterproof shadow pencil.  This 24/7 shadow pencil allows you to blend shimmer, cream, and sparkle finishes. Skip the traditional powder shadow, brushes, and water. These convenient pencils make it easier than ever to get vibrant eye shadow looks on the go.
- Mushroom - warm pale gray shimmer
- Noise - bright pink with silver sparkle

Build Your Own Palette - A collectible, customizable palette for convenient travel.  Urban Decay’s redesigned shadows pop out of their compacts and into customizable Build Your Own Palettes to create the ultimate travel-friendly collection. Choose from their massive selection of nudes; vibrant hues; and deep, dark shades to create your own unique combination, then swap out all four whenever the mood strikes. While the Build Your Own Palette is here to stay, this design will only be available for a short time, so get it while you can!  All Urban Decay Eyeshadows feature their Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power, and blendability.

De-Slick Mattifying Powder - A translucent mattifying powder.  This shine-stopping pressed powder blots oil and keeps shine at bay. The lavender shade applies invisibly and works on every skintone. Try it on naked skin (if you run into the hot guy at the gym), or over foundation (for touch ups on the dance floor without destroying your makeup). Because the formula contains super lightweight, oil-absorbing rice powder, you won't feel the powder, but you'll see the shine-free results.  This powder comes in a gorgeous, transparent purple compact that seems to glow from within and features Urban Decay embellishments of skulls, flourishes, and flowers. Pop it open to reveal a mirror and handy puff applicator.

There is nothing in this collection that I really dislike but there is nothing that really gets me excited, I like many of these shades and would use them but none of them are must haves.  My favorite pieces of the collections are the Eye Shadow shades, all three of them would work very well with any of the neutrals in my shadow collection.  I use all kinds of neutrals with both of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and am interested in finding more shades that I could mix with these neutrals.  The Eye Shadow Pencil in the neutral shade is the last piece of eye makeup that I would be interested in this collection (for the exact same reasons as the Eye Shadows).  No big loves but I would like to use many of these new shades.

The Mattifying Powder interests me the most in this collection, I would like to add a product like this to my collection for the hottest of the summer days.  I would use this product sparingly and mostly to touch up my skin throughout the day.  Again, a product that I would like but not really need.

Overall, this collection is really disappointing and there is nothing that inspires me from this small group of products.  Hopefully we have some more exciting collections on the way very soon.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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